Fabian Mark's record hop (111.5cm)

Loic linked me to this, its insane.
It is 111.5cm or 43.9"
He is the same guy from “4am forever”.

That’s very impressive.

Does he touch the pallets with his hand, though? Wouldn’t that be “sticking it”?

Still, incredible. I want to see more of his videos.

Isnt the world record 110cm? Zack Baldwin did it, so this means new world record? Ive actually never heard about this guy before…

Thats just taking the piss!

Haha, that is awesome, I take my hat off to him, but Ryans record was beaten yesterday by someone else, and now it’s just been beaten again by this geezer haha!

A mate of mine got 111cm! He doesn’t use the forums. He is not gonna be happy…


does ne1 have the link to this vid? i would like to view it haha

but that hop is damn sweet, i wish i had 7 pallets to practice on so i could upgrade my hop without having to travel ages away to find something new to get up lol

wow. that was crazy!

That is insane. :astonished:

Yestarday I was just practicing dropping that height and he just hopped up it.

What is Ryan’s highest?

109 cm



zack Baldwin leapt 110cm, rite?

its funny because the guys prehop is like the same hight as my highest hop:o :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, who beat Ryan’s record yesterday? And who’s your mate that got 111? Joe Hodges? Wow this is crazy, Ryan needs to go out and film something crazy right now.

In this thread

Everyone seems to think that Ryan Atkins can hop higher then Zack, but if Zack can hop 110 cm and Ryan can only hop 109 cm… then im confused

Ryan didn’t hop clean onto the wall though

This is why i don’t like trials. Too much is placed on just the verticle. Verticle is just leg strength with form. Ryan has the perfect form, so does Zack, and I guess this guy. All that’s left is stronger legs. This guy may have stronger legs, or just just busted his unicycle into the ground harder. Lets go with the highest unispin: 24.5 inches. Keaton Miller, which at the height you know it’s more form than leg strength, until it gets up over 40".

-Shaun Johanneson

hahahaha me too!! It’s incredible!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


That is insane!.. Yeah his prehop is probably higher than my regular hop lol…

It looks like he could jump maybe max 50 or 60 cm seat in, but when he pull that uni up tire almost touch he’s ass. Ryan doesn’t pull uni so high and his prehop is actually pretty small.

Yeah it was, I gave him a call yesterday and he was quite annoyed haha. He was so happy he got 111cm though.

Anyway, he said that he thinks that he might be able to beat it. Look out for the BUC videos… Look for Joe Hodges and Mike Swarbricks video… Joe’s part is dope.


Either he’s taller than he looks or he’s riding a 16" wheel - It just looks so tiny.