Fabian Mark and Aidan Teleki

Here is my new video with Fabian Mark! I was able to ride a ton with him this summer and I’m so lucky that we became good friends. The video is short but i didnt have that much footage unfortunately. :frowning: Anyways I hope you enjoy it. and tell me what you think of my riding and his. oh yeah in the credits i spelled his name mrak, so please just ignore that part and watch in high quality!

1:35 was awesome.Didnt really like the fisheye,good to see footage of fabian.Whos trials course is that with the logs and stuff ?

it was a public trial park :smiley: do you think i should switch to wide angle instead? and mark is the best :DDD


Also this weekend will be nuts get pumped to ride

Yeah wide angle is best for trials i think.I have a fisheye buts its not that curvy.I try to use it least possible now


thanks for the great comments so far guys :smiley:

That was awesome :)!

Amazing skills you guys:D:D

(although Aidan seems to have more correction hops than others of his ability IMO, fewer would make it more entertaining)

agreed but mark has many more skills than i do :wink: ill work on that though cause i didnt ride for a week cause of my ankle and now my style is much cleaner :smiley:

That was really good i really liked it :slight_smile: good job

Cool video, I found the fisheye a bit distracting cause it took up a lot of the screen but in fullscreen it was much better. Maybe use a wider fisheye or wide angle lens. You’re getting really good at trials Aidan! And of course Fabian (I never know if his name is Fabian or Mark haha) is beastly. :slight_smile:

His name is Mark but in Hungary they write their surname first, so a lot of unicyclists are confused.

here is the vimeo link :smiley: http://vimeo.com/14841173

Awesome! The riding was great! I just didn’t really likes the music. But everything was cool! I wish I had a Trials park here too, it looks awesome.