Fabian Mark 119cm Sidehop

I found this on the Koxx One website and I havent seen a thread yet on it…so for those who cant watch it on K1 I put it on youtube for them.



It’s just to bad he put his hand down, he had it.

he needs to work on not touching the pallets when he gets up there… nevertheless, amazing.

Hmmm but still it wasent actually that much of a dab…so I thought it was very good.

Yea I saw it. It’s really amazing but he needs to work on not touching the pallet with his hands.

This has been posted before.

He can now hit 130.

you’re kidding right?

Yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldnt be surprised if he has increased by a cm or two though.

Where has it been posted?

Let me clear some stuff up, firstly, Mark said that it was actually only like 118cm, and that the Koxx site got it wrong (probably Koxx bigging things up again). Plus slapping the hand down is considered to be ‘cheating’ amongst the big hoppers, however small the dab. If they counted those, then Joe’d be on par with Mark as Joe got around 120cm with hand.

But when it comes to proper sidehops with no hand dabs, Mark’s record is 114.5cm which should be the actual world record. Joe’s been trying to get the 115cm without hand dab to try and break it. But there’s so damn little in it between the heights that it really isn’t that big a deal? I mean, Zack got 114cm around 2 years ago…

But yeah speaking of impressive hops… Arthur Caron… 114cm seat-in rolling hop, hit the edge, landed slightly wonky, foot came off. Freaking impressive though.

better get a move on mr atikins

Zacks record was 1.06m but still realy impressive because it was two years ago. Fabians Jump is awsome but I must say also that the dub sucks.

I wrote 118.5 because thats what it said at the end of the movie…And yeah hopefully Ryan Atkins will go big…:slight_smile:

wrong measure meant, hand dab or not, its still amazing!

Yeah I don’t care about the hand thing, its still a redonculous video to watch.

I don’t think I could even do that on my feet…

yea im waitin for sum1 2 get the record for a little while with a rolling hop. those r much cooler (their what im best at, but im not much of a high jumper)

1.19 metres - It would be look much better without touching the paletts…but I like Marks power at sidehopping, really amazing.