EZ Rider

My month-old ankle sprain is still healing-seems like it’s taking forever-probably because “I don’t wanna stop!” [riding]…as Ozzy says, haha. So in the interim, I’m taking things a bit “EZ” as in the title, but still Living it & Loving it!

Some fun UCC and traditional shots mixed in. Comments appreciated. :o

Nice riding Terry! i take it the ankle isn’t to badly sprained? I know when I sprained mine 1 couldn’t walk on it for like a month and it hurt prett bad for quite awhile.

Wait… You call that easy riding??? That’s hardcore man! Hope your ankle doesn’t get worse. :stuck_out_tongue: I really liked how you got air off the dirt ramp. I so gotta try doing that now. I usually freak out and ride over dirt knolls cautiously. Not anymore. I want to get some air too!

Thanks. Well, it’s been a bit over a month and it’s still not fully healed, and easily re-injured if I dismount or upd to uneven ground the wrong way.

I think that’s party because the ligaments were torn pretty bad when I initially sprained it, and they probably will be on the weak side for good. I think once they are stretched and/or torn, they never fully go back to their original strength and size. I could be wrong, so if anyone has more knowledge on this, feel free to share it. :slight_smile:

I went out today and actually broke my personal record, MUni-ing 16 miles, with about 2,200 feet of elevation gain! Previous record for me was 14 miles. I had very little ankle pain, but now that I’m back home, it is a tad swollen. Overall it’s definitely getting better. :slight_smile:

Thanks it’s getting a lot better but slowly. Yeah I really like getting air off those “woop de doos”, but I want to be able to jump HIGHER, but I don’t know the secret.

They say to “tuck”, and “throw the wheel out forward” and all that, but for some reason I just can’t do it. Same thing with stair sets; I can clear an 8 set, but I still can’t launch very high, so I have to use extra speed to project out far enough to clear it. Jumping HIGH one of those things I just can’t seem to do, no matter how I try. Any tips and advice on that would be appreciated! :):D:o

Nothing is gonna slow you down Terry!
Hope you heal in time. Takes me longer to patch. Went for a MUni Friday and had a terrific fall speed-running a trail and my right foot got caught on the pedal and it strained the tendon thing on the top of my foot … from the big toe to the ankle joint. Painful but better every day.
Age … no biggie. Just suck it up and roll, eh.
Always look forward to your movies.

Crazy! I’m just gearing up to do my first 8 mile ride… :slight_smile:

Awesome. That’s really a perfect length ride for MUni. But there are some MUni rides that are only about 2 miles long, but kick butt because they’re so rocky and technically hard. So I guess it’s true in MUni that it’s really quality, not just quantity that counts. Have a great ride and post picks or video if possible! :slight_smile:

Ha ha! lol I would but I think it’d be kinda boring… It’s just a paved urban trail. The only spots for MUni I’ve found nearby my home is a forest that some MTB peeps took over, creating a dirt track throughout the forest with “ramps” and slopes. It’s actually pretty neat. Then of course I’ve gone crazy and went off-road at the ball park and riding atop a train’s flatbed… Nah, none of those can beat the 800+ acres of Weyerhaeuser land that is just a few miles from my house. You can follow the gravel logging roads forever, encountering obstacles and huge hills that are amazing to ride down. Wait, now that I think about it… Why aren’t I riding there? arg I think this calls for a change of plans. No, lol now I remember. I wanted to do the lame paved trail to have an accurate calculation of how far I can ride. Plus, maybe I can get a couple of my two wheel’d freaks to ride with me. :wink:

Haha, that’s what I was thinking while reading your post! Sounds like a great riding area, so I would definitely go for it! :smiley:

It probably just comes down to practice. What I’d do is every couple of minutes while on a Muni ride, when you get to a small rock or root hop as high and/or long as you can, trying to use technique more than speed. I’m sure it’ll be worth it to learn w/ each foot forward (better riding through really rocky terrain).

And use skrobo’s and/or Jerrik’s tutorials.

great riding terry ! ( as always )

i also sprained my ankle, and i think its been almost 2 months :angry:

ive reinjured it twice.
when i initially sprained it, I stopped for 3 weeks, no riding at all. it didnt hurt anymore, so i rode intensely again, but i guess it was week and wasnt healed yet. because after another two weeks, I reinjured it :frowning: even with an ankle brace…
Then, 2 weeks ago i rereinjured it, but got mad, and rode after a days rest :smiley:

right now it still hurts, and if i go over it again, i know its gonna hurt even more… so i try not to do some biggish street stuff, which was the cause of my injury …

but i ride anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Max. Sorry to hear about your ankle injury I know it can be really painful and take a long time to heal. I hate not riding so I’m just being a little less aggressive out there so I won’t re-injure it. But just like you I did…twice! :frowning:

I injured my ankle earlier this year. It was just a mild sprain and it still took over 4 months to heal(pun?) completely. I never did stop riding. I wrapped an ace bandage on it and wore an ankle brace and took it easy for a while. The upd’s will get you, so be careful.

Wow, 4 months! I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad then since it’s only been 5 weeks for me. I also wrap my ankle, use a brace and it really does help a lot.

There is definite improvement but only really noticeable after a month. And yes, you’re so right about those pesky upd’s, lol! The riding doesn’t cause any pain whatsoever, but walking over steep, rocky and uneven ground and/or landing wrong after dismounting can result in quick re-injury.