Eyal 'Rabbi Rock' Aharoni hurt in Muni spill

This just in: one of America´s best munieers was hurt yesterday on Tunnel Trail, Santa Barbara. Word is his injuries are not serious but he´s bed ridden for the time being.

Feel better soon, dood! And let´s see some pics of bones showing et al.


Bed ridden is much worse than trail ridden. Hope Eyal recovers quickly.

Are we sure it’s not an elaborate excuse to get away from school work?

I wish Eyal a speedy recovery… and not so speedy riding next time!

That’s too bad. I hope you recover quickly, Eyal!

Wow that’s bad news. Do you know the details and the extent of his injury? Hopefully no broken bones!

hehe, thanks guys. Darn I guess I can no longer perpetuate the illusion amongst my comrades that I never lose control :wink:

Well, here are the facts, although I fear they may make the story a bit less exciting than the mystery…

Yesterday, the Santa Barbara Muni Club had just hiked up to our usual turn around point of Romero trail, one of our easier single-tracks in Santa Barbara (doesn’t say much I guess). New addition Henry Baker was joining us on his first group muni ride ever. Within the first five minutes, several people were already having lots of minor spills - just one of those days I guess. The second interesting section on the trail is a series of smooth babyhead rocks at a slight grade no more than 10 feet long. It’s a bumpy ride, but in my 6 years of muni, it never really posed any problems for me. Perhaps this fact got to my head because I took it on rather quickly this time, and before I knew it I was flying head first into a bed of larger watermelon rocks on the side of the trail.

I remember my helmet smacking a rock, thinking how happy I am that I just bought a brand new helmet. But I wasn’t happy for long because the right side of my body was suddenly stricken by intense pain. Everyone tried to be helpful but I insisted that they let me lay in the rocks for a good two minutes while I waited for the pain to subside. The worst pain seemed to be coming from my right leg surrounding the knee, but my best guess said nothing was broken. It seemed instead that the muscles above and below my knee had just been whacked really hard. So I got up, and sure enough, the joint seemed in tact.

Then I noticed some ketchup looking stuff on the rock below me. But I looked at myself and I didn’t appear to be oozing blood or hamburgers anywhere. Then I took off my pads to get a closer look. My shoulder had a bloody scrape about 6 inches long, but it was superficial and wasn’t oozing. My leg, though it hurt, wasn’t bloody. So I took off my gloves, and there lie a fairly deep slice on the end of my middle finger dripping blood. We examined the area where I hit and couldn’t find any sharp objects. It wasn’t my gripping hand, and given how I fell, I know I didn’t cut it on the unicycle. We also examined my glove, and it contained no punctures or tears. Once we bandaged it up, Phil reasoned that it actually burst under pressure when I tried to catch my fall. As nasty as that sounds, it’s consistent with the fact that I did jam that finger pretty hard in those rocks. But I suppose the climax is when we looked at my new helmet and saw an indentation and small crack. Thanks be to the styrofoam gods, my head never hurt one bit.

Anyway, I hobbled my way down the trail and, as might be expected, felt even worse when I got home, realizing that if I want to get back on my feet soon, I’ll need to lay in bed for a good 24 hours. That paid off because this morning, I felt better rather than worse. So now, as long as I don’t put too much pressure on my leg, raise my arm too high, or use my middle finger, I’m not in pain. Unfortunately, I now realize I use those things for pretty much everything I do! But given the nature of my injuries, I actually think I’ll be able to muni again within a week or two.

Next time, I’ll take that line slowly enough so that, if I lose control, I’ll have time to plan a bail out - or at least I’ll make sure not to biff in front of poor Henry, who now thinks that muni is the second craziest sport in the world.

Thanks again for your thoughts. Cheers to all,

Bummer to hear that you got hurt; I’m glad it sounds like it wasn’t overly serious.

It’s especially sad because I’m going to be in Santa Barbara this weekend for a conference. I’m hoping to be able to get down there early enough to get at least a short MUni ride in.

Get better soon!


I think you were on the ride in Vancouver a few years ago when I fell off an elevated skinny. It was about a six or seven foot drop into brush and rocks. The point I landed on with the most impact was my left cheek. It hurt but that did not preclude finishing the ride. We rode another hour and a half or so because this happened right at the beginning.

I think Kris was the ferry car driver. I got out of the passenger side of his car and the seat was smeared with red stuff. Kris said it must be berries. I thought it was odd that berry juice would still be wet after all that time.

When we got to my truck and everyone was gone except James Hargrave I gave him the honor of looking at my butt when I pulled my riding shorts down. He said there was a small cut on my left cheek. He also commented on what a nice looking butt I had.

When I got back and washed it out thoroughly while in the bathtub, my finger slipped into the cut all the way through the muscle wall. I just about passed out it was so creepy. There was no hole in the shorts. Believe me, I looked carefully for one.

I went to the emergency room to have it irrigated in case something was forced into it (fabric from the shorts, for example) and was waiting there to fester. It required no sutures. I am the only person I know who has literally ripped himself a new one. It was a rupture from the impact with the sharp rock edge, not a puncture from a stick. Weird.

Ouch Eyal!

Nice description of the injuries though. You put me off ketchup for the day.


Nice wipeout writeup. Seems like some of my worst few muni falls have been on some easier section where I wasn’t paying attention as much, they catch you more by surprise there.

get well soon

Nice that the helmet did its job. Pity that they are only good for one good hit then have to be replaced.

Pro-Tec Ace helmets use SXP technology so that they are usable for 2-3 impacts before having to be replaced. But really, I’d rather replace a $30 helmet than be brain-dead for the rest of my life.

Wooo go EYal!

You’ve got to watch out for those santa barbara pillows… they hurt.

Yeah, being brain-dead sucks, and I should know!

Eyal - get well soon.

Eyal, Heal fast. So glad this isn’t a dangerous sport. Most helmet companies have a crash replacement policy where they replace the helmet at a nominal cost. The helmet needs to be replaced even if it looks perfect if it took an impact.

thanks again, dudes, for all the warm fuzzies. Sure enough I’m healing very quickly, leaving the worst of it concentrated to my middle finger.

Harper, I remember that ride! Your description of literally tearing yourself a new one makes me feel very, well… grateful - unless you’re trying to suggest that I’ve got a bunghole on my finger. (Sorry everyone, some jokes just have to be said.)

The ground indeed can be very very hard and unforgiving. Get well soon Eyal!


Here is Eyal post-injury

Unfortunately, the light washed out the blood he’s pointing to… but its there!

I am glad you’re ok Eyal!