Extreme Wheelchair

Yes. It’s too cool not to share here with you guys. The backflip at the end gets mad props.

Extreme Wheelchair

That’s the coolest thing i have ever seen in my life.

this was posted yesterday…

RESPECT for that guy.
He rocks the skatepark (and street)


I need to find a Wheelchair now.

SWEET VIDEO!!! it would really suck to crash in a wheelchair though.

Those guys are hardcore! Or is it only one guy? At first I was afraid it was going to be like skateboarders (only with pads) as the first couple of tricks didn’t get landed.

Imagine how many tries it took to get that backflip to work! Also, it looks like there may be some suspension on the chair(s). It could just be a springiness in the seat but I’m sure it’s a factor in being able to roll out of those landings.

:astonished: , just :astonished: .

What’s his name? I imagine there aren’t too many extreme wheelchair riders.

I wonder if it was doing that kind of stuff that got them into the wheelchair in the first place…Its really cool though.

Well, My fear of unicycling, is sometimes ending up in a wheelchair, But i guess i can start that up if i ever do.

Sadly, he’s probably the only wheelchair-bound person who’ll ever get to do a backflip :frowning:

Funny i found this a couple of days ago randomly, I like the grinds best, especially the rail grind, the balance is incredible. As for suspension, in some of the slow-mo shots you can see that there is some deflection somewhere on landing between the wheel and the body of the chair, whether this is suspension or just the frame bending I don’t know, I think a normal chair would flex quite alot when landing that sort of stuff, I don’t know if these guys are using special chairs that are stiffer and stronger.

How close was his head to the ground on the backflip?

It looks to me like his legs are a lot smaller than normal (no idea what the technical term for that is) So maybe he was born that way?

That is incredibly impressive!

sadly, he probally had the lower part of his leg amputated.


Wow, that’s awesome. Worthy of my first post, that’s for sure. I’m currently learning to ride a unicycle, but I also have an old wheelchair that I play around in a lot, mostly wheelies. I can do really fast 360’s, balance for minutes with no hands, all sorts of transitional tricks such as going from sitting forward in the seat to turning around backwards in it while on a wheelie and from sitting on the frame by the footrests to jumping into the seat while on a wheelie. So, I’d say I’ve got the wheelieing part pretty down pat.

But this… this is incredible. Obviously my old wheelchair wouldn’t be capable of that, but watching this made my day. I absolutely have to get a wheelchair like that for some freestyle tricks.

That’s too cool for words.

that is awesome. i have always wanted to get a wheel chair just to muck around on it. i also found another video of off road wheel chairs where they jump over cars and stuff! i forget where is it though.

Wheel chairs are fun to mess around with though! I rode one in the halls of a used store once, it was cool…