Extreme Unicyclist on American Ninja Warrior

Ok, so I was just barely watching American Ninja Warrior, and it said that one of the competitors was an extreme unicyclist. Good to know that they’re getting the word out that unicycling isn’t for clowns anymore. :slight_smile:

was he doing it on a unicycle?
haha :slight_smile:

Arnold Rizvik. Lost it on the Salmon Ladder, but still has a (slim) chance of advancing. They showed some good footage of him riding in the desert, side-hopping up boulders, etc. No cracks from the announcers about the uni riding, other than an observation that as a training method, it might not do much for grip strentgh.

Yeah I saw this too! I figured the dude has to be a member here…

I take tonight’s episode as a confirmation of my growing desire to get on that show. Besides the unicyclist, there were a ton of competitors from Colorado, where I live. This has to be a sign from Jeebus telling me that I am to be the next great American Ninja, right? :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I guess it’s for ninjas as well.

I’ve been watching that show, which is pretty interesting. Those guys are really, really fit! You need lots of upper body strength, and in that particular course, killer grip strength (endurance).

Rizvik is from Albuquerque, NM. I hope we will get to meet him at the MUni Weekend in October!

You wish is granted. If you attend in October, meeting the great Arnold Risvik will be just one exciting part of your Munifest Destiny.

They use to play “Unbeatable Banzuke” after Ninja Warrior on G4. Every now and again they’d have a unicycle obstacle course. It was pretty interesting.