extreme unicycling.

hello all, im quite new to the site, but have been unicycling for ten years now. im thinking of starting extreme unicycling, any tips on the best way to go about doing so?


start small and work your way up. don’t push yourself to do stuff you don’t feel comertable with. have fun. and you probaly need a splined hub/crank once your drops become bigger. what type of exstreme unicycling do you want to do? mountain (MUni), trials, street etc,

PS welcome to the forums

probably go for street, and maybe trials. i have some cheapo unicycle at the moment, just cause my partner wanted me to teach her to unicycle. im gonna upgrade when im done with setting up my bmx.

what kinda bmx u do??

don’t do anything that you think you could hurt yourself(badly) doing. start small, going up and down curbs and work your way up, riding down stairs for example.

been riding street most of the time i’ve been bmxing, started ramp a few months ago.

i learnt to 360, 180, 180 up curbs, and how to skipp on my unicycle ages ago.

you can 360? those are pretty hard.

i found it a git at first, i cant go along and 360, just on the spot. im not confident with 360’s on my current unicycle, being a cheapo one the seat flexes a bit when i hold it to spin

that will happen with any seat unless it’s a carbon fiber or metal seat.

its a nasty plastic one, that cuts up my finger tips when i jump. lol. my first unicycle had a metal seat, that was so much better.

ouch. have you tried gloves?

got a set somewhere, well i know where the left one is. i’ve not been unicycling much reciently. might have to go out front in a bit.