extreme unicycling shirts?

i saw these and it said coming soon many months ago. they seem cool, id like to get one.does anyone knoes when this shirt will be out?


The site is still up but I believe that they decided not to go any further with extremeunicycling.com

I don’t know what happened but maybe someone will correct me.


The site was a joint project between myself and Jess Riegel. Well jess did all the work and I jus sat there. But we do plan on keeping up with it however jess being in college makes it hard. The site is planning on being a general mecca for non riders and riders. We were planning on making tons of stickers and giving them for free so everyone can post them around town and on their binders etc. So nonriders can see them and go to the site to see that unicycling is not just for the circus anymore. Also we were planning on having unicycling news and upcoming events on there. But yeah its a work in progess mos def.

One love
Brian Lundgren

Thanks for helping me out on that one.


I have some stickers and they are really cool, one is on my binder and I don’t know what to do with the rest. I want one of those shirts too.

i want some stickers…

Me too, how do I get them?

ya if youguys come out with those shirt def let me know cause there hot and i want one… stickers woud be sweet to

I Want Stickers Too!!!

I just went to www.extremeunicycling.com , great site in the works! It explains how to get free stickers HERE.

Are you guys still doing this, or will I be sending a SASE and $1 for nothing?

No I know iM out of stickers and Im pretty sure jess is too. Its cool all this positive feedback. Ill talk to jess about producing moree merch.


i like the shirt

Ahhh… extremeunicycling.com. This project is so so close to completion. There is going to be photo examples on the riding types, more information overall, better stuff on the media page. We are planning on making sweet extremeunicycling.com hoodies, shirts, etc.

The main idea of extremeunicycling.com is to be a portal. Say you’re on a ride and people are really curious about unicycling. Give them a sticker, and let that be the portal for them to be introduced into our unicycling world. Right now, if you search for “unicycling” with google, you will get some great sites. However, none of them are really designed for people with no knowledge of a unicycle. I think extremeunicycling.com can fill this niche perfectly.

The site is also for the community as well as non-riders. You can create a cool sticker design, upload it, and if we like it we’ll make a new batch of stickers with it. Click on the “Riders” page, (soon to be renamed “Sightings”) and look at photos of people and their stickers. Take photos of the sticker and you (or just the sticker) in the most creative or most famous locations you can think of. Upload em, and share with everyone! We like to think of it as an awesome way to ‘spread the love.’ Be careful about where you stick your stickers though - we don’t want no trouble with the law.

I still have a small stack of stickers, so go ahead and send in the S.A.S.E.'s if you’d like. The address and everything on there is right. If I run out, then you’ll have to wait till the next batch before anything is mailed back to you. Hopefully we can order another batch some soon.

Brian and I have been working on this project for almost a year and a half now. Mike Carol and Noah Peller have also been key in this project. The website graphics/layout and sticker is a collaboration between Mike, Noah, and myself. Dan Heaton is also helping out, hopefully we’ll see the fruits of his labor soon…

It’s going slow… but we’re sooo close. Hopefully we’ll have the site done by 2008. psssyychh! Probably a lil sooner than that.

We’ll keep you posted on the projects progress. Feel free to post suggestions, problems, etc.



p.s. If you went to Moab 2005, you might remember when I spoke briefly about the site. Also, I passed out loads of stickers there.

That’s great Jess. The sire looks like the start of something really good. I will send my SASE and a dollar for the stickers tomorrow.