Extreme unicycling segment on ESPN

I was talking with a reporter on the phone earlier today-not with ESPN-who said he had seen me on a show called “SportsNation” on ESPN. I was unaware of it, and no one from ESPN ever contacted me, or told me that they were going to do this segment.

Apparently it’s been out for a while now. I guess I can’t complain; it’s good exposure for the sport, even though they added some cartoon-ish sound effects, haha. :roll_eyes:

Arg I hate how they arn’t taking it seriously, I hate that cartoon music :angry: Oh well, nice footage otherwise.

The sounds are fine, in my opinion, because we’re all characters here :smiley:

It was all in fun I don’t mind. And I think it was pretty positive overall, and the lady reporter seemed to like it! She did say, “He’s rockin’ it” and “the UniGeezer has got some serious skills”. (My kind of Woman! :slight_smile: ) The guy was kindof a killjoy though, haha. :smiley:

Sheez looking for a skillz demo, Terry. A rockin’ it class with the GeezerMeister.


I’m pretty sure she was looking for more :wink:

Go show her you’re still only in your late 20’s…

Go unigeezer!!, show her your skills !! :smiley:

Haha, she sure emphasized my age…“54…FIFTY-FOUR!” :stuck_out_tongue:


That scenario happened to me twice. People calling me up telling me they heard “my commercial”, and another time an (faked) interview with me on national radio. Both were on national radio, and not really in my advantage.

On the other hand, it’s always good to not be a spectator, but be the news :slight_smile: So compliments you made it to ESPN (but it sucks you don’t get your fair share for sticking audience to the next commercial block!)!

Wouldn’t espn need your permission to show your videos (be it youtube or whatever) on their show?