Extreme Unicycling on Fox 11 News!

A reporter from Fox 11 News (Los Angeles) came out to my house a couple months ago and interviewed me for a segment on the News. She told me it would air at a later (unknown) date, since their “non news” stories are done in advance. Her camera guy also shot some footage of me riding at my local trail, but since they have the time to travel to better trails farther away, I had also given them a dvd with some footage from more technical trails and some trials-y stuff.

Well, I had pretty much forgotten about the interview and then yesterday the reporter called to say that the segment would air on Thursday, 6/9/11, on the 10 o’clock news. I think they did a decent job with it, but there are a few misquotes and factual errors, which is usually par for the course. :slight_smile:

The reporter refers to MUni as “an extreme hobby’, and basically labels it as “eccentric”. And the part near the end where I “flashed” my abs, was totally the reporter’s idea, haha. :o And at the very end, when the in-studio reporter segues to the weather, the cute weather lady makes a very nice remark about it. :smiley:

Overall I think they did a good job, and it’s always great when we can get exposure for our awesome SPORT! Plus, I was happy to see that one of the links they included on their website was THIS FORUM! Btw, the online video doesn’t include the clips I gave them. :smiley:

I wanna be like you when I grow up!

That was pretty cool indeed. I hope I loose some poundage as well as I learn to uni.

BTW, what pedals are you using? They look big and something I might like to try. My Nimbus pedals seem so small.

You’re 55, ride a unicycle, and the hot weather girl says “Woah that guy looks good!”… Go Unigeezer! :sunglasses:

Speedplay Drillium pedals. Big platform paired with 5.10 Stealth rubber shoes so that your foot is good and stuck to that pedal. My rule of thumb is if Terry (worth every endorsement $) rides it, buy it. Aero bars, check. KH36, check. I’m just waiting for pictures of his Schlumpf in RSU because that means Bronson has the shipment and mine is next to be built.

Wow, excellent coverage! More Angelinos will be looking for you, and hopefully wanting to ride the trails!

That little quote at the end of your clip reminds me of something from the TV coverage we got for one of the first MUni Weekends. It was 1998 I think and our local Channel 13 came out to the trails to do a piece on us and promote the event. After it was done, the female anchor said to the male anchor, “You know, I can ride a unicycle. I don’t know why, but I can.” I always thought that was a funny way to put it. :slight_smile:


I thought I heard the weatherperson express an interest in unicycling. Why don’t you offer to teach her to ride? She will probably decline, but if she did give it a try, it would give unicycling a lot of publicity.


Good show, mate! :slight_smile:

can’t argue with that coverage, great stuff!

Thanks David. I have the stealths which are great. Just need a better pedal.

Do you not associate unicycling as being slightly unusual, peculiar, or odd? Eccentric is a word that describes unicycling nicely. A hobby is an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation, as far as hobbies go MUni is pretty extreme. The option of being not too extreme while being an eccentric hobby is part of what attracts me to unicycling.
Good on you for advocating unicycling in such a cool manner.

If you want to get really pedantic about errors you could check your comment “you can never coast, on a unicycle you need to pedal every inch of the way”. We all know you are right in a general sense but never say never. I have faith in you to learn coasting Terry- stick at it you’re not too old to learn a new trick- anyone can do it just like riding if they stick at it. For too long I went around thinking never coast it is dangerous until I saw a kid doing it and I thought I had better beat him to it since I’m getting older. After a few dodgy landings it becomes relatively safe.

I agree.

Haha, you don’t have to wait…I’m not “grown up” yet! I use Speedplay drilliums on my 24 & 29er, mag primos on my 36er, and plastics on my trials. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was nice being humored, haha! :o

(I’m running late for a ride, so I’ll reply to David, John, Scott, Benjamin, Brian and Rowan, and any others a little later.) :slight_smile:

Nice Terry! A Girl on the trail today asked me if I was that guy on TV!

Excellent, Terry! That was a great piece.

Sounded like she was just talking it up for the show to me.

But it would be great exposure if you taught someone at the station how to ride, then they could do a story on that, & riding around w/ some other local riders.

Most metal pedals have removable bins. Just take yours out and put in some new ones from the hardware store.

I have JC pedals on my muni. I replaced all the screws w/ 8 12 mm long ones per side of each pedal and now its just as grippy as a pedal w/ 8 normal set screws (the Drillium has 10), pluss it’s easier for me to adjust foot position than w/ set screws.

Thanks for that David. Yeah, I’m thinking about what it will be like to ride a GUni for the first time. Hopefully I’ll find out soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks John. When ESPN did a video segment on me–don’t know how they got the footage and was never contacted–the woman co-anchor was complimentary, but the guy couldn’t understand why “someone my age” would be doing mountain unicycling. It was nice that she defended me and told him off, haha.

Yeah that would be cool, but it’s not like I could just pick up a phone and contact her, lol. And if I did, she’d probably think I was “stalking” her and have me arrested! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Brian. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mind their choice of words, and in fact have used “eccentric” as well to describe not only the sport of unicycling, but me as well, haha. Of course, there is a large segment of society that equate that word with “crazy”, but that’s also ok, as I’d plead guilty to that as well…but in a good, “pushing the envelope” way! And yes, I think many riders view our sport also as a “hobby”, but for me it’s much more; it’s a part of my daily life and ingrained in my sole! :slight_smile:

And for practical purposes, I don’t think “coasting” has much value. No one can coast down a technical section, or while cokering; at least not for long, and not at 18mph! :astonished:

Thanks Jim. Maybe she was referring to KH or another rider.

Thanks David!

“Talkin; it up, on the Barry Gibb talk show!” :stuck_out_tongue:

That vid’s weird


It’s a now classic SNL sketch. Jimmy Fallon (as Barry Gibb) did several of them with Justin Timberlake as his brother Robin. Hilarious. :smiley:

I thought you got off pretty lightly as far as errors went so I was interested to know what you thought were the misquotes and errors. Media is infamous for bending truth towards sensationalism. If you didn’t mind the choice of words, then what was wrong?

Good on ya, but is that in your sole or your soul? Sole implies you are using clip in pedals. I’m addicted to unicycling too. The feeling of floating along in control up high on one wheel is something else.

Strange logic you use there. If speed on technical terrain is your only valued unicycling experience, why do you ride a coker at all? And what is your definition of long? On smooth surfaces very long coasts are possible. What happened to pushing the envelope? You could be one of the first riders to make technical downhill coasting videos. A bike might be more suited to your needs if you can’t coast without a trainer wheel. And by riding a smaller unicycle you will be able to do more technical stuff with less speed- is that not valuable to you if it is less than 18mph?

In practical purposes, coasting has as much value to the eye of the beholder as other forms of unicycling in that it provides fun to the rider in controlling the movements. Much like learning to unicycle it initially provides more frustration than fun but ends up turning into a wonderful feeling of freedom from the pedals. You’re going to encounter a bit of coasting with your geared hub as it changes gear.

Don’t give up on coasting Terry, it is easier and more fun than you think.

Hey Rowan, smile and chill! :slight_smile: I purposely used “sole” as a double entendre-type joke, as MUni is ingrained in my sole, as well as “soul”, and on the trail I sometimes show the bottom of my dirt-encrusted 5.10’s as I say that, haha! I should have put a smilie in there. “:)”

Oh, and just for the record, I believe the chronology would be to first try to learn “coasting”, before I could “give up” on it. I’ve never tried, and don’t have the interest I guess. But more power to those that do! :smiley:

I remember I did try “brake coasting” a while back, just to see if I could do it. Obviously not the same as putting your feet on the crown and free-coasting. But my main comparison in the news segment was in the traditional sense that a uni is fixed and doesn’t coast, like a bike can.

I usually also add that there is no [low] gear to help you climb, and riding a uni–especially in the extreme sense–requires heightened levels of balance, stamina, focus and determination. These are just a few of the reasons why I love MUni, xc, distance riding, etc. I love the fact that I am “pedaling every inch of the way”, have to work hard on the uphills, and constantly push my limits. And or course, it’s part of why it’s such a great workout! :smiley: