"Extreme Unicycling" on ESPN:

Yet another great pr for unicyclist by the one and only Kris Holm.
Kris always moving the sport forward on every level!

That was great! Good words from Kris. I remember when he told us that was coming out; I recorded several episodes of that E:60 and all I got was a bunch of boring football and other traditional sports. Great to have finally seen it.

And I know exactly what Kris means by “stacking” on the cross bar of a bike… :astonished:

lol, yes indeed,
…“than on some mountainb*ke with a crossbar there that you’re gonna sack yourself on with your crotch!”

oops, typo: that should be “…sac yourself…”

Watching this makes me hate the fact that I am still a newbie on a unicycle, cause I want to go out and ride so badly. Not to his extent, but it just gets me so excited for learning this.

Kris tears it up!

Sac yourself on the crossbar, totally, those bikes are waaaay dangerous :smiley:

@Rabit, dude, give it time, it’ll come if you want it.

Great clip - just makes me want to ride even more!