Extreme Unicycling Makes It On BikeRadar Top Three Vids

Lutz Eichholz and Stephanie Dietze scale a 10,000ft (3,000m) peak in Italy’s Dolomites on unicycles.

This vid has already been posted to the unicycle forum, but it’s pretty cool to be getting some attention from the biking community :slight_smile:


wow 44 thousand views, nice work Lutz

pretty cool thanks for the link! the video also made it on the frontpage of pinkbike which was nice to see http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Extreme-Mountain-Unicycling-video-2012.html

Awesome riding! Great video and great exposure for the sport. I thought it was funny that at least one article made the comment “no brakes, no gears” and then when you watch the video it looks pretty clear that Lutz had a disc brake on his Uni… Not sure about Stephanie, but I can’t imagine doing that descent without a brake myself.

Looks like Stephanie had a rim brake by the looks of the video… Anyway, seems like the media can never get anything 100% correct. lol

Its still cool. they get every sport wrong!

Stephanie uses a rim break and i had a disc break. We both had KH 24 inch unicycles.