Extreme Unicycling DVD - Spaced Out - in stock, ready to ship

Greetings unicyclists !!!

I have SPACED OUT in stock ready to pick-up or ship…

This is a brand new MUST HAVE extreme unicycling DVD. Get one today to add to your collection.

It features:
Ryan Atkins, Kevin McMullin, Ben Plotkin-Swing,
Joey Cohen, James Cowan, Carl Hoyer, Jeff Groves,
Emily McCormick and others

Many special features including the TOque Games, bonus footage and rider profiles.

This is a awesome deal at just 18.00 Canadian
or 14.00 US
Shipping is 4.00 Canadian or US to any North American address.

International orders are 27.00 Canadian including shipping.

To order, send a check/cheque or money order made out to: Darren Bedford

71 Jasper Avenue
Toronto Ontario
Canada M6N 2N2

Sorry, no credit card orders at this time.


Get yours today… check out Ryan Atkin’s summer riding location, it’s awesome !


How long is it?

The feature runtime is 22 minutes
The bonus time is as long as the feature


Is anyone bringing some copies to the California Muni Weekend? I’ll buy a copy there if Ryan or someone brings some DVD’s.


Darren, I would also like to get one but save you the trouble of mailing. Can you give Ryan a few to bring?

I liked the rough cut version Jeff gave me in Toronto - can’t wait to see the polished thing on DVD.


The DVD’s will be available at the CMW.
Carl has them with him now. He leaves on Wednesday.


to much to resist, if they are right there in front of me.$14.00 (no shipping) that rocks…

gimmie gimmie gimmie

when can one expect to be able to pay by credit card?

Any possibility for overseas…??? E.g. New Zealand or Australia?

the video is awsome! i had the chance to preview it right before Jeff left the east coast for the west coast. if you are a fan of muni riding and trials you should really pick this up. the more of these kinds of videos you have in your collection the more you have to show nebie riders to get them inspired to do great things.

the price is great the footage is better and if anything pick up a copy just to view the really cool menu screens… i know i know, shameless self promotion…

What is the music like? Similar to the UniVerse films?

Credit cards won’t be any time soon.

International orders are listed in the original


The music is very tame compared to Universe 2

I like U2 music but I have had a few people
say they think it is to aggressive.

Spaced Out is mellow, easy listening.


Is it similar to U2 in style of footage? I liked U2-- I’m just trying to get a feel of what is on this video. Do you have a trailer up of it anywhere?


Heres the link for the trailer. http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album149.

I don’t think darren made it that clear but I will most deffinetly have copies for sale at California Muni Weekend.

For those of you in the US Syko Production will also be selling them.

If you have any questions about the video email me at
puffity -at- gmail.com


The trailer is in the gallery.

I loved this video and the music is awsome. It is not… that tame! The music is new and refreshing.

heres a link that works

http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album149 <—notice no . after the 9

Yeah that ROCKS! Make sure Carl brings enough. I’m IN! Gimme!

I’ll probably get one too. Hey Jeff, great that you’re coming! Hope you have a place to stay. Are you one of the guys at Catboy’s?