Extreme Unicycle makeovers - Rebuilt and Reincarnated Muni and Coker

Two of my unicycles had exxxtreme makeovers this week.

First is my muni - rebuilt with a DX32 rim and KH/Onza 150mm crankset. The frame is built around Miyata bearing holders which are 40mm ID, so smaller OD bearings were adapted with shims. My bike builder, Johnnie Foster, rebuilt the wheel and adpated the shims. The shims were sections of a tube of similar diameter, which were then cut and squeezed into the bearing holders, circlip style. A small grub screw was added, which screws into the slot of the shim, and stops the shim from moving.

Before shot: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album308/Muni_1

After shot: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album308/IMG_4057

Closeup of hub, bearing holders and grub screws: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album308/IMG_4059

Then my Coker went to the salon and came back sporting a safety yellow paint job. I’m sure Nathan Hoover would approve of this. Beefed up bearing holders and widened hub

All these photos are in My Unicycles Album

Looks very nice indeedy :stuck_out_tongue: And you’ve got a new set of Maguras too by the looks of things.

How wide is the Onza/KH splined crankset? Is the hub as light as a UDC non-splined hub? And how wide is it?

Can’t wait to try it out- you up for the Moonride again this year?


I really like the red and yellow on the Coker. The beefier bearing holders look cool

Ken - Yes I’ve got new Maguras on my Muni, but the same old ones on the Coker. The Maguras on the Coker aren’t as buttery smooth as I would like. They kind of shudder or ‘grip and release’ on the rim. I’ll try using a pair of less grippy brake pads. If that doesn’t work I guess polishing the rim would help make 'em smoother, though I don’t know how to do this.

The KH/Onza flange to flange distance is almost the same as the Suzue (which I’m pretty sure is the same as the Unicycle.com hub.) So no widening/compressing of the frame was necessary. The hub is lighter than other splined hubs, but not much heavier than a Unicycle.com hub. I didn’t weigh it, but according to krisholm.com the hub is 500g bare and 650g with bearings, bolts and spacers. The crank arms weigh 545g.

Yup, I’m keen to do the Moonride again this year.

That muni is stunning! Why couldn’t you have done that before I came over to ride it? :wink: You’ll love the DX-32, I know I do. Your colour scheme vaguely resembles my future white frame, blue pedals, blue seatpost clamp.

By the way I’m ordering some blue unsealed Jim Cielencki’s from unicycle.com today. Oh yeah and I have some excellent news…Gecko’s making my frame! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Gecko (most likely a lot of you ;)) he’s a unicyclist and a very good metal worker, and he’s going to make me a beautiful new frame which I haven’t yet designed.

Love both of your upgrades Tony.


That’s very cool that Gecko’s building your new frame Andrew! I reckon its very important to have someone you trust build your frames - that way you can be sure you’re going to get what you really want.

I met Gecko’s cousin Luke recently. I was on a trials ride in downtown Auckland and Luke, who was driving past, spotted me. We got to talking and pretty quickly I found out that he was Gecko’s cousin. Very small unicycle world, eh? We went riding in Eskdale Bush Reserve a few days ago.

Awesome upgrades Tony! So you must now be the first kiwi with the new KH/Onza cranks…I might do the same to my muni once the vertigos start breaking…and when I get the money. Still trying to figure out if I’ll be able to get to the muni weekend or not, if I do end out going I’d love to ride that new beast!

I have measured 474g for the bare hub, 576.5g for a set of 150s, and 658.6g for hub with all supplied spacers and bearings.

I passed on the message. He says he hopes Luke will get the chance to ride with you more often, or something like that.


Nice work and nice photos, Tony. Did you use any rocks in the rebuild? Thanks for turning the photos upside down so we in the northern hemisphere could see them clearly.

First equal! I bought a new KH 24 XC the same day Tony bought his cranks. Tony is going to beat me to riding his new setup though because I have a bad case of the flu, I haven’t even taken my new Muni out of the box.

Wait, I thought the earth was flat. Satellites and spheres are a communist conspiracy…

Looks like a great muni and a great coker. The short muni cranks ought to make things interesting…

As for the shuddering of the brake, this could be remdied by changing the amount of “toe-in” on the brakes. This has to do with how theyh are angled towrds the rim. I’ve never adjusted maguras, but I’m sure others on the forum can help.

Maguras are designed to have no toe-in. Try using the grey pads instead, which are made for anodized rims.

Hmm, good to know. Thanks.