Extreme Uni Wall Ride

Video of a friend of mine attempting a Wall ride with a 30m drop on one side. Location is Cape Town, on the way to the famous Camps Bay and Clifton beaches.

Google Earth Co-ordinates:


FUCK ME! My heart was actually in my mouth the first time he UPD’d! :o

Damn - bail to the left ends in death by gravity, bail to the right ends in death by motor vehicle. Crazy!

sorry to say this, but thats a guy riding on a ledge that is nearly as wide as a road, i don’t see the point in risking a 30 meter drop anyway… and if anything it’s skinny riding, not a wallride :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I admit, it’s something I’d never do and takes guts.

But it still has nothing compared to Kris Holm riding along that bridgerail above the sea (although I’m assuming he wouldn’t die if he fell into the sea)

title looks cool, vid isn’t

you should never try something that could kill you

ride on a rail: it looks better, its harder, and its not so high…

There are a lot of things that can kill you. Driving is a good example.

He looked kind of shaky on there, good thing that UPD was start forward (and he did not drop the uni:) ).

I have no doubt that I could do that, but not sure I would.

I agree that it didn’t look hard at all, and to me it didn’t seem real risky. Although it may have been a more risky for him rather then me because he looked like he was going to fall the whole time he was so shaky.

I also agree that the Kris Holm bridge thing was nuts, and YES that would have killed him if he fell in the water. Water hurts at 60ft (even with pefect technique), and he was definatley alot higher than that.

on simple solution…

don’t fall!

I thought this was gonna be a WALLRIDE to a 30m drop…

This was cool, but a let down when I was expecting a wallride.

He does look a little shaky in the video, but is a much better rider than he looks in the video. I wasn’t there when the video was taken, so can only assume that the height played a role in that.

Not sure anything could compare to Kris Holm riding the bridge rail, beside say Kris Holm riding a bridge rail…

Kris once said something to the effect of “If you’re unsure of yourself, you shouldn’t be there”

From my posting… I’m assuming that the height played a role in him being shaky.

it was his first time pulling a stunt like this on a uni, he prepared all week mentally to dismount on the correct side as well as practiced wall riding on a low wall. Obviously he sussed the wall and situation out very carefully understanding all the elements/risks involved before attempting it.

Personally i was not happy about him doing this, but knowing of his 10 years + experience with unicycles and keenness to push life to the limits… it was kwell to support him through it … It was great to see his adrenalin pumped smile afterwards !

Not something i would ever try! but hey … every one has thier limits!

Respect :slight_smile:

are you serious?

yup, seems like a logical approach when doing things of this nature for the first time?


yeah… idk that was kinda dumb. doesn’t seem hard at all. doesn’t even seem that dangerous, unless you don’t know how to ride very well.

I am the guy who rode the wall…

Firstly to those who didnt think it special…let me enlighten you to a few facts!!!

  1. The wall is not flat, it is convex and the curvature changes throughout.
  2. The wall has dips in it.
  3. The entire wall has concrete patch fills and there are sections of it that are loose.
  4. Cape Town has wind, and that section gets hectic wind gusts.
  5. If you wipe off to the left…you can consider yourself f*%#ed.

and if you still think otherwise…then put your money where your mouth is and ride that wall yourself!!!

then y did you do it?