Extreme Ti(y)re Puncture

Nah, I never rode bikes that much before unicycling, really. Skating, rollerblading, and scooters were more my thing. But I’m glad I know how to know.

I did read a good amount of that link - lotsa helpful stuff.

And I did check my tire, inside and out, even with a flashlight just to be sure.

Just my 2 cents. It’s always better to replace the blown inner tube with a fresh one and keep the patched one in your backpack for emergencies. The patched tube is good but not as good as a new one. And buy a few tubes while you are buying them, I’ve found that 24" tubes are hard to find in my area.

Sounds like you are going to start muni-ing. If you plan on riding any significant distance from home, knowing how to change a flat is great knowledge to have, even for helping out the lady riders (oh yeah!). Keep a backpack stocked with tubes, an air pump, the right wrenches for your ride, and believe it or not, zip ties always come in handy. Just in case.

Cool tips, I’ll keep those in mind.

I actually think that once I finish patching up my CX, I’ll keep the patched tube in the tire, and only use that uni for freestylin’, and just not do any more muni or learning to hop or anything with it - I’ll save that abuse for my DX. :wink:

Bleeah! There’s no need.

Haven’t you ever repaired a tyre before? Try a tyre repair kit? About £3 anywhere. Why would you need a new unicycle?!


…new unicycle? I don’t recall saying that…that would just be dumb.

…I need a new friend