Extreme Juggling DVD

Check this…

I wanted to let you know that we’ve just released the first ever
Extreme Juggling Competition DVD! Professionally produced for
television but never aired, this is the best produced juggling
competition DVD EVER! Featuring the world’s top freestyle jugglers in
a ground breaking, best trick competition. It’s like the X Games meets
juggling. Recorded at the 2006 International Juggling Festival, this
DVD shows freestyle juggling at a whole new level. Featured
competitors include: Ivan Pecel, Brian Gadomski, Marco Paoletti,
Kazuhiro Shindo, Tomohiro Morita, and Sean Blue to just name a few…

This is the future of juggling!
Only the biggest, most original tricks, in the most exciting juggling
competition you’ve ever seen. Watch the best jugglers in the world
pull off huge tricks or just crash and burn!

You don’t have to be into juggling to be entertained by this DVD.
Jugglers and non jugglers alike will love this. See for yourself

I like the idea of it. :slight_smile:
But I think it doesn’t belong to r.s.u

I liked it

Although it wasn’t what I expected. I guess “Inventive clever juggling” doesn’t have the same ring.
Thanks for posting this. Rec sports is just for uni though. Whatever, put juggling stuff in JC next time.:slight_smile:
I have been totally spoiled by practicing with Anthony and Sarafian over the last few decades. I still saw some new stuff.:slight_smile:
Now someone has to do fancy tricks while riding a uni North shore ! I was thinking extreme ! :astonished:

that was sweet…should be in the video’s though.

I couldn’t help but think about Harold and Kumar now:D

Yeah, but what people don’t seem to realise is that rec.sport.unicycling is a newsgroup, and this web site is only a portal on to it. People in usenet land won’t have access to the videos forum on here without finding the site, setting up an account etc…

As for suitability here? Well, there’s a lot of juggling community on here that may or may not log on to juggling newsgroups regularly. I fall in to that category, and am glad this has been posted here.


thats cool, too bad i cant juggle though…

Are there any pois in it? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

But there is actually one extreme juggling stunt at 1:03 in the trailer. Anyway looks like an interesting DVD, even for unicyclists. :slight_smile:

…and how about the parkour clubs?:smiley:

COUGH COUGH WJF BETTER VOVA, GARFEILD, THOMAS COUGH COUGH COUGH That is how you see all technical juggling ability COUGH COUGH COUGH man I cough a lot.

You can’t fool me.
WJF was around waaaaay before you tolpin.
In fact, Jason even called your orginization out at this years WJF freestyle comps.
How long is this DVD anyways?
The 2005 WJF convention DVD has been out for over a year, so in other words, yours isn’t the first. Or the second, or the third.
Also, it’s not the biggest tricks or the most exciting juggling competition I’ve ever seen.
You also don’t have the best jugglers in the world.
I’ll give you Kazuhiro Shindu and Marco Paoletti though because they have both done good in the WJF advanced comps.