Extreme Ironing

I was just playing around on the website hppt://damncoolpics.blogspot.com and I came across a bunch of pictures marked “Extreme ironing competition”

I chuckled a bit, but now I want to know who these guys are. Surely someone must know them.

(tried to post a image, btu I’ve never had any luck with that, so here’s the stupid link)

I have an extreme Ironing poster. lol

Did you click on the “insert image” button on top of the text box? It is the yellow one with the mountain.

Or better yet, save a copy of the original pic on your hard drive then insert the image with the “manage attachements” button below the text box. That way if the image link goes dead, you never lose the pic in your post (I would recomend only one or the other though, if you do both you get two pics).: