Extreme Ironing meets unicycling


Me combining extreme sports on Xmas day :slight_smile:

I guess you just have to laugh out loud. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we could start a whole new sport.

I’ll get my ironing board out, and we’ll see what can be done ;).

New sport

Yup its amazing what the boredom of the Xmas holidays can drive you to!!!

Hey neat, a cordless iron.

Interesting combo. Never thought of that possibility. :slight_smile:

oh the possibilities


I am still working on the same shirt!!!

now try ironing the shirt jumping over it :wink:

Almost forgot

I almost forgot I did this a couple of years ago!!

Will have to take my Iron to some more extreme places :slight_smile:

You should combine this with what remi does. I think a sequel is in order.


Thats the style!!! :slight_smile:

lol! that was funny.

I looove remi gaillard, he’s funny.

Haven’t watched any of his vids for a while though…