Extreme Hill Climbing with Augie &Terry

Me & Augie Tourdot doing some extreme steep hill climbing at 3rd & Mermaid in Laguna Beach. From Sunday, 6.27.21. Watch to the end to see Augie hop up 67 stairs.


O.M.G. Terry and Augie, Tottaly Ammazing!!!

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Nice work! So what kind of setup ( wheel size & crank length) is Augie using?

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You can see the cranks have some q to them. I’m guessing KH spirit 150’s.

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You are both in exceptional form. Nicely done! :muscle:

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I brought both Unis, and on the white impact we were using 150s, which I much preferred to the KH with 165s.

Wow to both of you!

WOW, just Wow
I think just trying to climb that hill once would have wiped me out :astonished: but you guys just hammered away at it.

Terry was really, really good, but Augie was like some kind of turbo charged hill climbing machine.

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And both are 24" ?

Yes both are 24, but we both preferred the Impact (white frame) setup with 150s. I was thinking about bringing my 700c as well which I used to successfully climb Fargo Street which is steeper and about two and a half times longer.

I’m curious as to what aspects of the 150mm cranks you prefer over the 165s? Is it not “steep enough” to warrant the extra torque of the longer cranks? And perhaps you can keep a better cadence with 150s?

There’s just too much up/down leg movement to maintain a smooth and consistent cadence on a 24" diameter wheel. 165s did work best when I climbed Fargo on my 700c.

I think the take away here is that terry has been a great mentor to Augie. I watched unigeezer videos with Augie as a very young man . He is very lucky to have Terry as an inspiration in person as he has inspired so many of us online.

Terry keep on riding and Augie don’t stop.


I’ve noticed as well that there seems to be a length with cranks that is too long for climbing. With 170’s on my 27.5” muni climbing wasn’t any better than with 145’s. It was harder to maintain speed uphill and keep my balance with the longer cranks, so even though they took less effort to pedal they didn’t climb better. I suspect there would probably be something in between the two that is optimal as the 145’s do climb better than 137’s.

Amazing stuff.

Does anyone use Augie’s runner-like arm swing during big climbs? I’ve started to practice climbs (7%-ish), and the arm swing seems to make my climbs more stable, although it could be just psychological.