Extreme Endurance Climbing!

Today I challenged myself to beat my previous 8 non-stop climbs at the 23% grade beach ramp in Redondo, CA. I don’t know how but I pushed myself to the breaking point and did 15 climbs, non-stop! That’s 6,450 feet up & down, and 3,225 in total climb distance. Did it on my KH 29er.

Took about 19 grueling minutes to complete, but for the video I sped up the descents and most of each climb in order to shorten it to just a couple minutes. Doing this many climbs in a row felt harder than Fargo! Thanks to Augie for the inspiration to go for it!

Bet ya can’t do 16!

No, only kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re bloomin amazing Mr P !

Haha, thanks Elaine. Actually, I was trying to beat my friend Augie’s record of 14 climbs, which he did last weekend, watching him demolish my previous 8 climb record! So I was inspired to try to at least match his 14. Now he has a new challenge! :smiley:

Oh my goodness, I’ve corresponded with Mr H and Mr P in one evening :slight_smile:
My hero’s. :slight_smile:

I love this forum :smiley:


Nicely done Terry! And you said in a different thread that you’re just trying to keep up with the youngsters :roll_eyes:
I’ll have to give this sort of challenge a go soon :slight_smile:

Go for it! :slight_smile:

My only problem is all the steep hills around here are roads…except the aptly named Steep Hill in Lincoln, but I’ll be wiped out after riding there! I’ll figure something out :wink:

Another awesome vid, Terry. My legs are tired just watching :astonished:

Wow! Your fitness ist absolutely amzing. 23% … really steep

You’re a machine!:wink:

Thanks guys!
@Juni: Is this the hill?

Yeah that’s the one Terry, but it only has a 14% gradient?! Your 23% gradient hill must be a beast! I’m gonna have to hunt for a hill like that…

14% is still a good grade for climbing! How long is it? If it’s rather short you could do multiple circuits to get a good aerobic effect.

It’s 1380ft Terry. I’m gonna have to wait until I get longer cranks, possibly until I get a new uni…I only have the Oracle 36er with 125’s at the minute :frowning:
My new job, and the extra cash it will leave me each week, is gonna give me options though :sunglasses:

Edit: I’m sure there’s steeper hills than that somewhere around here…I’m just not sure where

Yeah, that would be a real tough climb on a 36er, even with long cranks. But it would still be fun to try it!