EXTREME beginners MUni - part 2 Practicing drops

I hurt my ribs, ankle, and the helmet came in handy today. :slight_smile:

Nice rolling drops… way more difficult than static drops.

I see you practise very methodically. Maybe this is something I lack in my training. I just prefer to go out and ride spontanously.

Thanks! I practice to do drops for the trail i am riding, so I think rolling drops is what I need to master. I bounce off a lot (video is slightly edited), so yes it is a bit difficult but it is also a mental thing. The rock doesn’t look much on the video, but the first time I rolled off it I thoght it was high.

I too just prefer to just ride, but this is such a nice place in the middle of the woods with lots of small/medium drops so I just have to stop for a while.