Extreme 36er Muni with Jumps!

Hey guys, I’ve finally released my new video! Let me know what you think, I love your feedback!

The unicycle is a Coker Big One with Nimbus Venture2 160mm square taper cranks, Scott Wallis CF base, Thomson seat post, Odyssey Twisted PC pedals, and it has had half the spokes replaced. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool video. It looked like you had a blast filming it.

Excellent riding and refreshing attitude – thanks for sharing that!

Awesome video! You make it look so easy until you show how hard you’ve worked to make it look easy. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! Now let’s see a 36" crankflip :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one Brian! I love the outtakes at the end too! Also looks like a fun trail.

I do one (as well as a mini grind) in my older video: https://vimeo.com/11815056 :slight_smile:


Great vid !

I really like when there is also the failed attempts. It makes it more real and proves how much skills and determination it requires to get it right :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the 2nd half of the video. You worked and failed many times to get a clean run. I wish more would show the fails to keep it in perspective. Just makes me think there’s hope afterall :slight_smile:

Great vid you must have balls of steel

Oh Yeah!!!

What a fun video to watch! I thoroughly enjoyed the energy, the exceptional riding and the giant fails.
The videography and music and edits all great.
Thanks for sharing.

A great video :slight_smile:
Full of fun. Looks like you had a great time making it, though some of those falls look scary.
The scene where you cycle on/off the bridge wall, I was :astonished:

What pedals are on your unicycle ?

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks everyone for your incredible comments! I’m glad you all enjoyed the falls too, haha. I think it’s really important to show all the work that goes into these things. It definitely helps make all those attempts worth it.

Sarah is moving soon sadly, so my next video will have far more static shots. :frowning:

Alucard: That scene was actually one of the scariest to film. It was a pretty big fall on the other side down onto shallow rocky water, and the edge of the bridge was rounded and wouldn’t have been easy to grab onto if I went over.

For my pedals I’m running Odyssey Twisted PC LEs. They are my all time favorite for all types of riding. I’ve been looking for ages to find another set of transparent orange like I currently have but they were a limited release and are impossible to find.

OMG such a FUN video! thx. :smiley:

Brian, awesome riding! Too bad I won’t see your crazy 36er antics at any events this year :confused:

Also, that song is great and is from a great album and that band was amazing live. Well chosen.

Thank you for the pedal info. :slight_smile:
I might have to try these out.

I loved your video

This was an awesome video :D. Really loved the out takes showing all the bails, especially trying to jump the pile of sticks? The first half of the video looked so effortless and the second half proved it wrong, well done!

That’ll be me as soon as I go off-road - well the second half of the video that is…