Extracting 10 spline cranks

Is a certain device needed, or do I just untighten the pinch bolt?
I might steal the cranks off of my little brothers Haro bmx after he buys his road bike.

They’re 10 spline, and don’t have an integrated cog wheel. I might just buy the bike from him and disect it, like making a 24" BC wheel and junk.

On all the DX and Qu-Axs ive used I just loosen the pinch bolt, and then the main axle bolt, and the crank pulls right off.

It wasnt until I went to ISIS that I needed a crank puller.

Some people can just pull there’s off, but I definitely can’t.

You may need a crank puller. You can get one at your LBS for $10-15.

If you’ve ground off the nubs that won’t work. I had to wiggle mine off w/ the leverage of a huge screw driver. Not good to do that too often.

Yeah definitely get a crank puller. When I changed my cranks this made it really easy.

Just take out the pinch blt and the axle bolt and see if you can wiggle it off.

Then decide if you need to buy a crank puller. Or, you could just take it to a bike shop and have them do it for pretty cheap.