Extra Wheel, Tire, Hub and Cranks???

John_Childs just wrote on another thread that he added 1/2 a unicycle to his collection (He now has 9.5 unicycles, did I mention I hate John :D)

He wrote: “I have purchased an urban wheel for my muni (Fireball tire, Profile cranks, and Alex DX32 rim)”

Does anyone ease have a separate wheel, hub, crank and tire for their Muni? How common is this? How long does it take to switch from trail to street set-up? Is this hard on the bearing holders, or are most quality Muni’s able to take this constant switching between trail/street set-up?

And yes John, I am jealous!!! --chirokid–

the only real stress when changing the wheel over is in the bearing housing bolts. other than that changing the whell is very strait foward, just a few nuts to undo and redo.

you can always get replacement bolts and bearing cups so its no big problem.


BTW John, I failed to mention. This sounds like a great combination of components. I assume you used the Poznanter Hub Assembly since you mentioned the Profile cranks.

Will this be a spare street set-up for the KH24?

Also, could you use this as an “Ultimate Wheel”, while not hooked on the Muni? --chirokid–

Swapping the wheel on my KH muni isn’t difficult and will not put excessive wear on the bearing holder hardware. As long as I never crossthread one of the bolts while changing the wheel it will not cause any damage to the frame.

It takes a few minutes to change the wheel. It’s a long enough process that it is inconvenient to do and there is also the issue of getting your hands a little bit greasy during the process.

It’s nice to have a second wheel with a different tire. It gives me more options for deciding what I want to ride. It’s a little inconvenient to swap the wheel, but it’s better than spending money on a second muni frame, seatpost, and carbon fiber saddle.

If I had the skills it would be possible to use the spare wheel as a cranky ultimate wheel. Riding an ultimate wheel with full cranks is not easy. George Peck does it, and even rides his ultimate muni wheel off-road. I’m in the process of learning how to ride a standard ultimate wheel and once I get that torture device figured out I might try riding the spare muni wheel as an ultimate wheel – But only maybe.

An ultimate wheel using profile cranks would be excruciating difficult to ride just because of the q-factor a.k.a. siderake of the profile cranks. The 3.0 tire wouldn’t help, ethier. An ultimate wheel basically has zero q-factor because the pedals are attached directly to the rotation axis. That greatly reduces that torturus wobble of the wheel when you pedal. The profile cranks have a huge q-factor so there would be alot more wobble to cope with :angry: when used as an ultimate wheel. That’s also why a good racing unicycle won’t have cranks with a very large q-factor. I think that it’s pretty safe to say that if you can seat drag on profiles then you can probably do ultimate wheel on them. If you can’t seat drag on profile cranks, then forget using them for an ultimate wheel. I must ask, though, what reason would anyone in their right mind have to use a profile hub and crankset on an ultimate wheel. It’s not like you’ll be doing 4ft. drops on them. Sorry for my eternal ranting, I just can’t see the appeal of an ultimate wheel in the first place.

What’s the best way to get replacement bolts? Maybe I have cheap bolts, or maybe I just really stink at putting them together.

Unicycle.com has some but they seem pricey to me, i mean, they’re just bolts…curse them for being so important

anyways, yeah, where’s a good place to get unicycle bolts?

well if your using a frame with the cheap stamped steel clamps, any hardware store should have some 1/4 20’s or something in that size abouts. basically whatever fits, should work.

if you want some decent bolts that will last go to a hardware shop and ask for capheads of the same size bolts as you had before (take your old ones in) capheads are alot stronger becasue they have a big lug on the end rather than a weedy head. if you want real strength ask for “12-9 capheads” (which i doubt they’ll have) this is one of the strongest mixes of steel.

i tried to get them but my local shop didnt have a clue about cap-heads and only had cheapo bolts:( (you might have more luck though)