Expressionist Painting of "Man on Unicycle"

Only $20…THOUSAND DOLLARS! :astonished:

Going once, going twice…oops, still there!

I want… Not!

It won’t be on ebay forever… so here it is.


Now Desktop background

Let’s see, a $20K abstract painting on my wall…or a nice new uni to ride, and $19K+ left over? Hmmm, that’s a tough choice. I better think about it for a while! :wink:

That is twice as much as the house that just sold in town!

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but does anyone actually thing that that painting is any good?

I wouldn’t want that painting if someone gave it to me.
It just looks all messed up.

Is that a person or a chimp? Those look like chimp arms to me.
Is that tree stump of a leg wrapped in cellophane?
Has his right leg been amputated? Given the crank position, shouldn’t it be visible?
Is that a unitard or an apron or what?
How many different spoke lengths were needed for that wheel?

I’m so intrigued! Maybe I should buy it.

or not and get a guni

By expressionist you mean the actual rider correct? Look at that expression!!

Huh? You have houses selling for $10K around you? Wow!!!

Nobody really knew it was up for sale until it sold, probably could have gone for three to five times that much. Really don’t know why she sold it so cheep.

Nice house, attached garage, yard is pretty small though.


I’m actually inspired by this rider. I still suffer from “upper torso twist”, though it is slowly getting better. But this rider has extreme twisting, like 90 degrees! So comparatively my upper torso is pretty straight/squared-up even at its worst :smiley: