"exposed" bearings on summit!?

I disassembled my summit to clean and lube, and routinely check the condition of the bearings, and to my surprise I noticed that each of the bearing housings, which I thought were “sealed”, were sealed on only ONE side. The side that faces the outside, closest the cranks were UNsealed; you could readily see the ball bearings. The inner sides were sealed. Could the outer seals have broken, and simply fallen off? JUst seems strange that one side is sealed and the other is totally exposed; although the bearings on the “open” side(s) were all intact, and showed no signs of coming out. :thinking:

That is weird. The bearings on my origional summit wheel were completely sealed, and so are all the other bearings on all my unis…

Your shieldings came off somehow. The only thing you have to worry about is dirt getting in there, your bearings won’t fall out.

my Summit had metal on both sides, it was a budget uni at the time…they probobly ran out of rubber, then medal bearings…you may have one of the last in the run…

Do you know where I can get replacement “shieldings” for them? For that matter, where would I get new bearings to fit my Summit? They have those “shims” around them too.

KH bearings will work and you wont need the medal shim anymore.