Exploration Muni - The Long Path through Thacher Park, NY

We had an adventurous Muni ride over the weekend along the Long Path which runs from NY City to Albany. We did just 11 miles near Albany, which was enough.

We have ridden part of the trail before, but parts were new to us, so there was some adventure in the ride. We shuttled with 2 cars giving us added incentive to do push through to the finish no matter what the trail turned out to be like.

The first few miles up to Roemers Lookout and back down through Thacher state park were great. We were all on 24" but these certainly would have been fine on a 29". In the park we had some fun on stairs and rocks and got plenty of comments from the weekend crowd. Leaving Thacher state park the woods became more remote, and the single track more challenging, lots of little dips and rises, plus mud, added up to more walking. This section was still fun, and provided the best overlook. Much of the trail was obviously newly cut and marked in recent trail reroutes (away from the dirt roads) and will only get nicer as more people use it.

Steve had a GPS so we’ve got GPS map and stats from our route. Anyone wanting to try the route can find the parking area at Elm Drive from this. At the other end there is a country road with plenty of places to stash a car.

I also had a camera, with all the pictures up here, and a few select ones below.


Roland, Steve, and Perry

A challenging staircase at Thacher park

Perry at one of 3 overlooks on this ride

As usual, Roland understates the difficulty here.

There were 3 or 4 miles of the most uneven, rocky, rooty, cobbly trails I’ve ever been on. I’ve certainly never ridden anything this hard to ride for this long. This new portion of the Long Path trail was typically a meter or two of rooty, rocky flat section, then a meter or two with a one or two foot dip, sprinkled liberally with rocks and roots. Literally every meter or two was another steep ditch out of which we had to climb. We rode for miles standing on the pedals, without being able to sit at all. It was one of the most difficult rides I’ve ever done.

Roland once even said “this is pretty tiring.” I’ve never heard him say anything like that.

Very nice place !

I have seen the extra pictures of your link - and that is exactly what I want to ride in the next weeks … very very nice place - I would like to be there - but in my place there it is similar, not so huge but the terrain is like this.

In the first post you have said that you are all on 24er , but this would be also with 29er to ride…
When you think back to the time when you all get started with muni - it shoud be only get with a 24er bike ? 29" is only the option when you can ride something like this with 24" ? Easyer to control etc …
With the new KH on the market it try to get out, what to buy behind my aktualy 20" beginner-bike.

Another question : Is the picture IMG_9209 in your album a 36"er ?

And I still haven’t heard him say that. He must have confided this to you when I was struggling to catch up through one of those brutal rooty/rocky/dippy sections.

Thankfully I have no short-term memory and have already forgotten about the pain. Should we tackle this trail again over the weekend?


yes, IMG_9209 is Vince on a 36"er at the Lifestyles 24hr race. He did on a 29" the next year and said he prefered the 29 for this course.

I started Muni with a 24 and only recently got a 29 (guni). 24 is better for starters, and for technical courses with more rocks, roots, mud, or steep hills (long or short). 29"er is better for more ‘zoomy’ courses.


Looked at the pics. It looked like a blast. Did you much walking? It would have wore me out! Ha! Thanks for sharing

yes, we should
Panama will be harder (but you wont remember that).

The last 3 miles or so I would guess were 20% walking…maybe less? Not sure, seems to also be fadding from my memmory. Lets check Steve’s speed graph from the gps…maybe a bit more

Looks like loads of fun. I would like to get my friends to muni and go on some rides!