exploded bearings

so they other day im riding down this hill. its steeper than 45 degrees, you know what i mean. Any ways, im on my shwin tirals unicycle, and im 5 feet from the bottom (its only like 30 feet maybe 35 total) so Im 5 feet from the bottom and all of a sudden SNAP BANG CRASH i fall. Well, we look at it in the light and the bearing is exploded. Like split into 3 bad broken peices with ball bearings and grease all over. eww. Im lucky i had exactly one extra around.

so anyways, im pretty pissed. Its getting a major overhall this weekend now though. a few new spokes (i’ve been missing one for a while, and a few others needed to be replaced). Going from a 24" frame to a 20" frame, drilled for weight (still shwinn though). Formerly dan heatons frame, so im assuming its not going to break on me.

Anyone else ever have this happen to their bearings, specificly shwinn?

Also, anyone have expericance with drilled frames?

exploded bearings: PG and on topic

I’v been drilled by a few frames…

I guess you meen cutting circles in the fork to lighten your load, yes? Could you post a 'couple pictures? Sounds nifty.


The unsealed bearings on my coker exploded after a 100 miles (of mostly off road).

The worst part of the repair was having to grind a slot into the inner race to remove it.


Leo White, Cheltenham