exploded bearing

I was riding my dx and my wheel started to click so I rode home and took the frame and cranks off to look at the bearing. when I pulled the first one off it was fine and then when i pulled the second off this is what happen.
I measured the good one and it was 20x40x12 then I wrote down the size number and it was 6203-2rs and when I googled it was 17x40x12. I do not now what to do!

Torker made its own bearing for the DX


Have you measured the axle to find the inside diameter of the bearing?

McMaster carries some double sealed bearings that are permanently lubed. That helps to keep moisture and sweat out.

Are the UDC bearings double sealed?

Yes I did it 20

where was the part number on the old bearing? On the side shields? Maybe they were recycled from another bearing?

Is this the ISIS DX, or the older 10 spline DX? Did you use a caliper to measure the spindle diameter? Because the Torker spindle should be either 21mm, or 19mm.

If it’s the non-ISIS DX the bearings on UDC should be the right ones.

I’m pretty sure the ISIS version uses a1 9mm BMX mid Bottom Bracket bearing with a 41mm O.D.

Mine is the non Isis


I was riding my old Torker wheel yesterday, my bearing exploded. What kind of bearings can I get? Where can I get them?

I was looking on McMaster.com, but it says -20F is the lowest possible temperature… I’m not sure if it’s good for me even though I dont really ride that wheel anymore, it was just for 2 days because my other wheel is set for Street right now. I gotta find a way to get to work today…


here ya go!