Experience in Kokomo

A group of us Juggled for a community fundraiser the other day. We all have
unicycles, but all we do is ride them and juggle. Two different people came
by at different times and did tricks on my uni that I’d never seen. I know
it’s old stuff to you guys, but I’d never seen wheelwalking or 1 foot
pedeling live before. Also seat-out and hopping. One fellow said he rode
backwards so much he had to weld his pedals on because they kept loosening.
He used to be a midnight shift custodian at the hospital and used to push
the trash carts around on his uni until they made him stop after seeing it
on the security tapes. (Supposed safety issue)

Until that time, I was the best unicyclest I knew, but I figured there must
be better ones around my area. Now I have some things to work on.

At least no one showed us up on Juggling!

All Glory to God!

don’t you just hate show offs? :smiley:

actually i like seeing people better than me because then i can learn from them and see what they are doing so i can do it.