Expected news...Cody is hurt again!

Well I am up Northern Cali riding with Max Schulze and Joe Campbell for a short week and I decided to challenge Max to see who can jump up a fire hydrant and 360 unispin off the top first…Not really a hard line but ya… So I didn’t jump high enough to the top and fell over the hydrant very awkwardly causing a reconstruction job on my ankle… I Chipped the side, gave it a small fracture and very badly sprained my ankle… Seeing it grow before our eyes we made our way to the closest hospital while I sat in the car passing out in pain :D. So I just spent 3-4 hours at a hospital while Joe and Max rode in the ambulance parking while I was doing wheelchair wheelies waiting to see a doctor… I am just glad il be healed with time to spare for CMW, but sad that I am going to San Diego for vacation in a couple weeks not being able to walk…

GOD THAT SUCKS! well, best of luck. I supose i should attempt to talk to you on aim also.

Whoa Cody I’m sorry to hear that man! I was wondering when you texted my phone earlier what was wrong, but you just said you couldn’t ride for a while, so I thought it was because of work or something. Geez that sucks but I guess it could have been worse. Heal up fast my friend! It’s always great riding with you!:slight_smile:

With how you ride you made it off easy haha. Just another trophy to add to the list, hope you heal up quick.

Cody… Cody, Cody, Cody… Hey!

Yeah well, that sucks.

that sucks. Now you should learn extreme wheelchair trials.

ummmm, Tyler, don’t give him ideas. He’s gonna go find a fire hydrant whilst in the wheel chair and try to…

Cody, heal up fast and let it heal, before injuring it on something else.:smiley:


That sucks Cody cause I’m in the same boat! I had a small fracture and bad sprained ankle 2 weeks ago from riding down some simple stairs and falling off wrong. Crutches suck and I can’t wait till I can walk again! Good luck.

Yeah Jamie I remember the suprise of seeing you while riding with Terry down in Venice. It was a shocker to see ya and i was wondering if those crutches were yours…So whats your heal time mang?

Ohh and about demz wheelchair trials…I was doing some cool stuff inside the hospital while i was still pretty high on endorphines and when I went to dinner afterwards I was doing extreme crutching! I did a wall tap and 180d down a 3 stair w00t! I tried to ride a unicycle but avoiding my prodominent ankle so much I was not able to go more than 5ft.

Ohh and to top off my fun adventure on the 4 hour drive home I got a flat tire! So by myself in a significant ammount of pain I had to try and put on a doughnut to get a new tire! I unloaded all my unicycles got the car on the jack and everything but…I could not for the life of me use that cheap tool that came with my tiny jack to remove the nuts…And I really could not get any weight into it being on my knees and I cant push it with my foot being there is only one i could use at the time…So I had to swallow my pride and call AAA just to put on my doughnut for me :frowning:

Do street wheelchairing! Like this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laYqTTzZ8Nc

I laughed so hard when I saw this!

How is that remotely funny? This guy RULES! Way to go!

Cody, my heal time is supposed to be around 4 weeks and it’s been 3 now. I hope it’s good to go in a week as RTL is coming up in 2 weeks!! What’d they say your recovery time was? BTW-The other two guys in my car were Cameron Ulmer and Colin Schworer, they both unicycle but not as much these days…

Ohh awsome that you will be up and runnin again soon man! I was told my recovery was 6 weeks ack! But I wasn’t planning on RTL so im ok there ;). But I am unable to work for a couple weeks and that is really gonna hurt more than my ankle ya kno wha i mean! Ohh and that wheelchair backflip…Go lookup extreme sitting…I dont know if its the same guy but he also does a backflip and rides a skatepark!

Ok I found it…And yeah it was the same guy…actually the same clip in the actual lil vid he made…

In New Word Disorder there’s a part where some riders in extreme wheel chairs (off Road veichles wih 4 wheels, disc brakes and Suspensions) did some impressive things…

Cody, I wish you heal fast :smiley:

YA wheelchair muni dude!!! I was tellin that to my friend yesterday that if I ever got paralyzed I would get an off road wheelchar and take lifts to top of trails :smiley:

That’s so awesome! But if they landed those jumps wrong they might break their neck and lose use of their arms too.

Wow that was so great and inspirational! Thanks for posting that Cody!:slight_smile:

So I just got back from my own doctor for a more thurough look…I got to actually see my own x ray this time and keep it :D…