Exotic Pedals

Me sure likes 'em hells yah!:smiley:

I ride hoffmans and JCs for just about everything.

they are pretty comparable in performance in my opinion, but the JCs are bigger so i guess thats a plus.

i ride the hoffmans more though because they are bright green and cool.

I don’t find jc’s have enough drip for trials. Jackshits are better for trials I think.

I’ve been tempted to get the Shimano, but it will cost a Benji.
weight: 488g

Thats even lighter than the Drilliums at 565g for $109.

Thats just 3 ounces heavier than the plastic pedals.

I just remembered this thread

Where I listed the weights of a lot of common pedals, from last time I was shopping.pedal weight weenies guide
The difference between sealed and unsealed is that you can buy a tube of 10 sealed bearings for 25 $, making the pedal easily rebuild able. Both races and the balls come in a sealed unit pregreased, just like a tiny wheel bearing. Unsealed come with loose balls, and no seals, so that dust and mud may find there way in more easily. They can be taken apart, cleaned and regreased, but it is a messy job.
The difference in reliability is debatable. Many write that sealed bearing pedals have smaller balls, are not as bash resistant. Sometimes when the bearing fails, the pedal will slip off the axle.
I think sealed bearings pedals are more expensive because they are used on better pedals. Because the races on the loose bearing pedal cannot be replaced, once that is shot, the whole pedal is junked. So in a magnesium platform, light, strong pedal, the bearing is replaceable easily as a complete unit. So you don’t have to throw away an expensive platform every time the bearing craps out. The bearing is only $ 2.50 , so that is not why the sealed pedals cost several times as much. You are paying for better metal and machining in the platform.

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I use Straitlines on my KH24 for muni. They have more pins and hence more grip than the snafus. The main advantage of the Straitlines would be the thickness or lack thereof. They’re much thinner and have a sloping edge on the front and back which reduces upd’s from getting caught in ruts or clipping rocks and roots. The x-ray scheme looks pretty trick as well. :slight_smile:

I love the bit about the “Cooling holes to dissipate heat during re-entry”.

Nothing quite like a company with a sense of humour.

I just picked up a set of CrankBrothers 50/50 pedals ($110) and they have a pretty killer design to interchange colors of plates along with 2 different pin options. The cone shaped pins come in 3mm and 5mm and remove from the inner part of the pedal similar to the Jim C pedals.

Check 'em out…

Any LBS can get the things as well as the Speedplay pedals that you were looking at. Most of the time it’s faster to order them from the LBS because they might havee them in a warehouse close by, and won’t charge for shipping either…just my experiences.

thread jack: What do you guys think of these pedals ? http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/13617-240_AZOXT4-3-Parts-65-Pedals/Mountain/Azonic-Mountain-X-Pedals.htm i need some new ones for muni, and these look pretty nice, but i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about them. that cut out in the middle might be weird.

I think that they would hurt for drops, because there doesnt seem to be much surface area.

I suggest Vegiburgers for muni.


I’ve run these on my muni since 1998–one pair, never rebuilt or anything–and they’re still going strong. Can’t recommend them highly enough. And you can find them cheap if you look hard enough (around $50).

do your feet stay on the pedals well? it looks like they’ve got some really small pins.

I was very impressed the the Odessy Twisted PC. I checked out several other pedals such as the Wellgo MG1, Shimano Deore, 50/50, and Brooklyns, at a couple LBS.

The surface area difference with JC is so marginal that my foot couldn’t tell the difference. The feel is identical to JC. And the weight difference with the Wellgo MG1 is so questionable that my hands couldn’t tell the difference when comparing. But at $13, my wallet COULD tell the difference. Now I see why they are so highly rated. I picked up two sets of them.