Exotic Pedals

So It’s about that time for me to get some new pedals, and I’ve got some extra cash that I’m looking to put into them.

I’m looking for pedals that have removable pins and are good for grinding. All I’m going to do is take the pins out of one side and grind on that one side. I also do a lot of trials.

I’ve seen some badass pedals on aebike but these look sooo cool and look like they might be good for grinding as well.

Yes I used the search function if anyone asked, but most pedal reviews and posts were about muni pedals and were to get the cheapest. I’m not wanting to be stupid with my money by any means, so if there are good cheap pedals for exactly what I want, please post them. BTW, I ride a k1 if that makes a difference.

Terry loves his drilliums I believe, but he uses them for MUni.

I figured, they got some monster pins it looks like

i like my try-all pedals, but i have heard good things about odessy twisted PC and Hoffman Solemates


Best metal pedals I have used. I have these and the hoffman solemates, The Jimi C’s pawn the solemates IMO.

Yeah but those pins look too small

What do you guys think of these

The idea is that they are small enough to move your feet around to set up for things like grinding, while still being grippy enough so your feet dont slip.

They come with a second set of bigger pins if you feel you need more grip.

I have used Jim C’s and am now using the Odyssey Twisted Plastics.

Both are grippy enough for street. The difference in weight between the two is amazing though. Although it doesn’t make complete sense…I feel like I can hop a hell of a lot higher with the plastic pedals. I don’t ever want to take them off…my only complaint is that the pins are wearing down REALLY fast.

Plastic pedals also spin a lot faster.

Ok cool. So basically what I’m hearing is I don’t need to buy those expensive pedals and that Those Jimmy C’s will do just fine. Well, I think I’ll wait a little longer to see what some other people have to say before I commit to them.

Thanks for all the help guys

The Twisted PCs are my pedal of choice. I just paint on side so I know which side to grind and which side to put my foot on, that way the pins don’t wear down at all on the side you grip. They slide like butter and are lighter than metal pedals. They are pretty big too so you have a big area to put your foot on.

i like my JIMMY c’s not tooo gnarly of pins, but they grip perfect… you can move your foot if you need to, but they stick when you jump down a 10 stair.

also, they are light enough… the super tenderizers are awesome too, but they are a little heavy. i would prefer them for muni though… or the long pins on the Jimmy C’s

I have a pair of JC’s

Sitting on the shelf. I think Kris puts them on KH’s because they are cheap and tough. You can put on any pedal you want, and Kris wants to keep the price low. They are very heavy pedals.
The lighter pedals do feel much better, you have to try them. Twisted PC’s get excellent reviews, get those if you are short on cash, or just like them. Otherwise, spend more and get a lighter set of medal pedals. It is the cheapest way to take a lot of weight off your uni, and off the rotating , wobbling part of the wheel to boot. Cash well spent.

Well like I said money is not really an issue for me, I just want to know what pedals would be best for my type of riding. I would really like it if somone could give me a good review of some pedals other than the jimmy c’s or snafus.

Thanks for the tips guys.

I ride jackshits and love them. They are for more trials though. They can be used for street, but the chew your shoes up. You could always fail them down a little bit. Oh yeah I like sealed’s better than regular nonies. I love the jimmy c mags. Those are a bit much at 80$ though, if you got the money why not?

Whats the difference between sealed and unsealed pedals?

Sealed pedals last long (sealed bearings) and do not free spin (good when pins are out of one side) unsealed don’t last quite as long and free spin.

Sweet, thanks for the quick response

Yeah no problem dude.

Unsealed get dirt and water and junk inside them easier. Sealed don’t as much but are expensive.
Anyway, I like the Animal Hamiltons. They are very nice for Trials and Street. All the pins are removable and I just take the pins off of one side of the pedal to grind.

Edit: oops some posted while I was writing this post

Yeah I have rode animals those are pretty sweet.