Exeter Unicycle Hockey Saturday 6th January

Anyone else going if u are post here!

well i forgot full on about that thanks for reminding us

See me in action: Oops
See what you will all be up against.

PS No unicycles were harmed in the making of this video.

is it just gonna be hockey? if not i’d love to come :smiley:

wot time is it and all?

Links to Unicycle.uk.com

Looks like hockey.


Yep- saturday 6th Jan in Exeter is hockey day. Sunday 7th Jan is Muni day at Haldon Forest.
See y’ll there.

Re: Exeter Unicycle Hockey Saturday 6th January

was it ever decided that this would be the first game for the 2007

i’ll be there anyway… but it would be great to have a national

sarah.miller wrote:

> Yep- saturday 6th Jan in Exeter is hockey day. Sunday 7th Jan is Muni
> day at Haldon Forest.
> See y’ll there.
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I think we all agreed we should get a league going but didn’t get much further than that. We might as well make this the first tournament of the new league and see how it goes. This might be a short season anyway if we run from BUC to BUC. If we run fron Jan to Dec then this is ideal one to kick it off. Either way we should go for it :slight_smile:

Oops, forgot to add… i’ll be there. There will be a Bristol team. I’ll find out how many tonight. We might have half a second team, too, so if anybody once lived in Bristol or has relatives from Bristol or goes past Bristol on the M5then you qualify and we might need you :sunglasses:

yes this will be the start of a leauge- depends on other teams hosting tournys for how long a league it is! I’m buying an exercise book to list team members etc, then intend copying to a data base type thing on PC for ease of sending details to other tourny organisers.

Thinking of
2 points for showing up at a tourny, then points for games won (3) or drawn (1).

Doesn’t look like we will have Barbara there doing her stuff with registartaion, so can I have some help from SWUM regulars who know the drill please.

Looks like I’ll make the muni on Sunday. Could be a bit damp though…
Still not been converted to hockeyism.


Sorry to threadjack, Rob I thought you were badly injured from a bike accident?

I remember Sarah saying something about it a while ago…?


Yes it was a nasty incident - I’d rather not go into too much detail here, but my physical injuries have pretty much healed now - emotional and psychological effects will take much longer but I’m recovering steadily. Thanks for your concern.

Sunday will be the first time I’ve wanted to ride any form of cycle for a month - hopefully it’ll be good for me.


Im very sorry about that. Reading back it was a bit crude of me to ask so boldly.

Have fun guys!


Not a problem Mike.


I’ll be there! along with a team from southampton, although we may be lacking a 5th team member… any volunteers?

looking forward to it!

If you play as Hampshire rather than Southampton you can probably have one of my kids, there not quite University age though :smiley:

The three of us will be there, along with a few Lunis.


not sure whether i can make it, turns out a levels are really hard and also have work at half 6 any idea what time it will finish?

haha yeah agreeing there A levels actually do require work :stuck_out_tongue: i’m worried bout them now i’ve realised this!

It finishes at 6:00 but you might be lucky and miss the final so you can go home early:D