Exeter Uni Meet was brilliant!

A big thankyou to Sarah and Paul for organizing the Meet it was my first meet and and i definatly will be coming to lots more 3rd of July the next one? i’m counting down all ready!
It was really nice to meet loads of people who came up and said “you treepotato?” :stuck_out_tongue: The uni hock was the best and the gladiators and chain it and well everything really!

Thankyou again,

treepotato :slight_smile:

yeah well played sarah shame you did not get much riding in!:frowning: It was really cool to meet new people, + I can now coast for a few feet any way :stuck_out_tongue: I have a bloody ankle but i am still happy that I went I am now ordering a new Hub and Crank set, and possibily a muni:D !!! universe 2 have been a bad influnce on my spending!! :angry: possibily a muni soon? next time we should organise a Trials ride…
O yeah any one who went do you want a Muni militia t? i forgot to put up my poster!!!

it was nice to meet people from the forum i think about 3 or 4 people came up to me and said “you treepotato?”

:slight_smile: i’m touched


Now I know why I thought it looked familiar… :slight_smile: Sorry for not saying hi. Next time…

Indeed, a most excellent day. The hockey was fantastic fun!

Anyway… I’m off to have another hunt for my blue t-shirt so the yellow one might not be lying…


wow i didn’t know you were there!
who were you describe yourself…

I was the person in the hideously garish bright yellow t-shirt, which falsely proclaimed that I have another t-shirt in blue…


Re: Exeter Uni Meet was brilliant!

Glad you had fun. Don’t thank me though - this one was really just Sarah and Barbara (on reception). I just turned up as a punter this time.


Lol Phil you look like a Phil :stuck_out_tongue: Tree who were you then? im confused lol



Trev were you there? which one were you?
did you by any chance have long black hair in a pony tail for some reason that guy looked like a trev…? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh! i’ve just seen your signature picture thing Trev and now i know which person you are! Jesus you’re good at unicycling! you were that guy standing on your frame and freewheeling and standing on your hands wow :sunglasses:

No i dont believe i was that person. I have browny shortish uppy hair lol.


Re: Exeter Uni Meet was brilliant!

Thank you TreeP, very kind. However I should add to the list of Thank Yous, THANK YOU To
Barbara Roll, my co organiser, who ran registratraion and sorted out all sorts of things behind the scenes.
Roger Davies of Unicycle.uk.com for donating tombola prizes, bringing along his DVD player and running workshops.
Butter Fingers for donating Tombola prizes
Pheobe for help with Tombola etc
Rocket, Nick, Paul, trev, Ali and Rupert for help with workshops, games basketball and hockey.

And of course, THANK YOU to all of you who came, with out you there would be no uni meet. You will be pleased to hear that the day covered its costs and we are thinking about doing another one in the summer, dates to be fixed.

Next timne we will have to encourage people to wear name labels!

just found out something that you might want to consider about the myabe 3rd of july exeter meet is that that is the weekend of the maker festival that isn’t at maker but newnum or something like that this year… thought you might like to know

It was fun wasn’t it. I also did a bit of realising who people were as I was leaving, sorry if I did not say hello or apeared vague when I was talked to. (treepotato you were not one of them, even if I had not been introduced, I would have known you :-P).

Not sure if I can make the next one, but will be seeing you all at BUC anyway. :slight_smile:


i’ll take that as a compliment roger! :stuck_out_tongue:

the plastic pedal’s opened the old wounds on my shins:-(but i am getting a muni soon :slight_smile: i am thinbennyboy by the way.

The local Paper ( the exeter Express and Echo) ran two nice big photos and a small write up of the event in todays paper. I have a copy and will see if I can find someone willing to scan it for me. The pics are a nice one of TreeP and Leo taken from real low down which makes little leo look quite tall. And one of a line of lads, Barry, Richard, trev, Ben… and a few others.

As for dates for another meet, I just found out what my show commitments are for July, and July the 3rd I’m not avalible,so will have to look at other dates. Shame that as the 3rd id my birthday. Ho Hum, still should be glad I’ll be working and earning… and helping pay for the Unicon trip at the end of July.

12 days till self employment!