Exeter UK, Hockey. Jan 2nd 2010

The SWUM hockey Tournament will be happening on Jan 2nd 2010 in Exeter.
Fuller details are on line at www.uk.unicyclist.com/swum.html

Teams signed up so far are

Severn Wheelers

space for 4 more.

Sign your team up by e-mailing SWUM at the address on our web site.

As a warm up for this event, SWUM are holding a hockey training session in Okehampton on Dec 12th. If You are in the area and would like to come along please contact me for time and place.

Still space for a few teams in the JAn 2nd Tournament… any one from EMUs or Penguins?

How long does the training session last?

We had a chat in the pub after hockey practice and we can’t get a team there, sorry.

only 90 mins. we feel the need to practise a bit before Christmas!

I’m expecting a scratch team so if you can make it but your team can’t… let me know.

After Hockey party

If you are at the Hockey on 2nd JAn, or are a local unicyclist who doesn’t play hockey and isn’t going to Unicon. You are invited to a party to eat much pizza and yarn of all things unicycle . It will be held at our place, near Okehampton. a map is available at

If you think you are coming could you let me know on this thread please? So I can have some idea how much food to lay in.
(unless you are Danny or Rob in which case I know already, and the spare rooms are yours). There is a large living room floor for crash space. Parking on our drive or with care on nearby roads.

They came, we played, Lunis conquered.

Despite ( or maybe because ) they only had a 3 man team Lunis won the Exeter (SWUM) hockey tournament yesterday.

6 teams made it and a mellow afternoon of hockey was played on one large pitch. Thank you to all who braved the snow and ice to drive down here.

1st Lunis
2nd Cardiff
3rd Severn Wheelers
4th Penguins
6th SCUM

Personal best for SCUM! We’re usualy 8th! wow 6th :slight_smile: oooh yeah!
Luni’s had an unfair advantage only having 3 players! Unfair!

Sarah, thanks for organising everything. Great tournament.