Exeter bikeathon...

I looked on this website:


on the southwest it said there is a bikethon in aid of leukimia in Exeter on 6th June does anyone know anything about this? maybe Sarah?

I dont know about Exeter, or anything about this years infact, but Last year, or maybe the year before even(!) I did it on my 26" with my dad and some of the others from my club. It was a really great day, with music and ice creams! :stuck_out_tongue:

The closest one to me is in Stockton, where my club is (45mins drive away). I might see if the club wants to enter… if there is enough of us, we may get on Blue Peter (Mat Baker, one of the presenters is from County Durham, just up the road from Stockton…)


Ooooo, there’s one in Yeovil the week after too. I don’t know if it’s just too early but it would definitely be nicer if the website had a bit more information on it…


i agree PhiL, nice it tells us the date but where’s the meeting place? etc l

Maybe a Bikeathon just consists of loads of people cycling all over the place trying to find where the start might be… :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about organiseing a muni ride that same weekend, also under the bike week banner. Would you be able to come along?

The Exeter bikeathon is being held at a rather boring venue, the county show ground. Its fairly flat and dull, looks like its being organised to suit quite small kids. I’m more interested in a route thats got some roots and hills and mud and stuff.


:sunglasses: that sounds a lot more fun!

where to meet/times?

amazingly enough he can actually ride a unicycle, i saw him on bp a few years ago rinding round and about with some circusy unicyclist, quite cool really. if u do get on the show, u’ve got to get him to ride!:smiley:


count me in for the muni ride email me sarah when you have more details. My muni is great, am unsure if i will put brakes on it as it weighs alot but i have not riden many munis so am unsure how much is alot. I am going to put a cheap speedo on it just to see how far i ride and what my fastest speed is. muni is loads of fun i am still looking for cool trails around me.