exercises for crankflips

I’ve been on a hunting retreat for a little while, but, With crankflips, I can not flip them doulbe on my Dx, i need to get some time with my dad to go weld my other unicycle post, just havnt gotten to it, just any exercises or tricks that help with pushing your cranks faster?

go learn kickflips on a skateboard.

It is more technique then just kicking them really hard. I don’t think anyone would be limited by leg strength.

I can’t see how this would help at all. They’re not even related.

Maybe you meant pressure flips… but still by the time you learn to pressure flip a skateboard you could easily have learned to crank flip anyway.

If your frame bolts are tight crankflips are very hard, so check that wheel spins w/o any problem. Learning to jump higher should help too, but I don’t have any tips for spinning cranks faster. Practise makes perfect.