Exercise Unicycle???

Anyone seen one of these before?

Came across that one last night and was gonna put some money on it until i realised it was pickup only :frowning:

Sure looks like a great collectors item!

That thing is CUTE! I wonder if the knob on the bottom bracket is a resistance adjustment. If so, it would make the thing slightly useful. It could then actually be a useable indoor spin trainer for unicycling. Without any resistance though, it’s more of just a silly thing. Love that handle! Definitely something freudian about it…

Haha! This thing is funny. If I had that thing, I would practice Backflips on it and I would put a unicycle seat on. It looks cool.

I’ve been using one of those to practice my stillstands.

You know you’re getting good at stillstands if your biggest problem is a sore crotch…

I’d love one of those, but like you say John, would need to have resistance or it would be pretty useless.

Wonder if anyone would make a modern equivalent?

yeah the dialy thing does change the resistance. It looks pretty cool too.

That is neat, every unicyclist should have one in their office, even it’s just as a conversaton piece.

Ah that’s awesome haha.

Ah, lovely. Who shall travel to Melbourne and bring it back for us?