excuse me please - stiff stick seatpost

ive thinkin for a very long to sell my stiff stick seatpost if i were
to sell them would any of u buy one

heres a pic

Change the name and il consider it.

that looks like a pretty nice seat post. someone around here made a seat base reinforcer like that and posted pictures, his was even orange…Fuego, I think it was?
i might buy one, if i had money. but i really don’t.

waits for gerblefranklin to drop by and say something about applying too much heat or something

evan wat am i suppoled to call it

i think he doesn’t like the name because it reminds him of penises.

drop stick out of the name or something. I suppose that’s what evan wants.

I made mine out of a sheet of metal rather than a tube, but it broke recently and I moved on. I’m using a kh rail adaptor with a brake post now, and I attached a bracket that allows it to be screwed to the seat. this added like a gram to my uni, and made it SO much stronger. I’ll see if I can find the thread.

how about stiffie evan

i think he’ll like it

ya its a funny name and explaines wat it does
its extremly strong caw89 has one on his trials and offroad he said he happy
with it

whats the tube size? and how much for one?

Psh,Caw89 cant do crap on a uni, psh.

wow, way to go evan…

looks strong to me, but I think the diameter is for smaller frames.

you’re starting to act like Zack Baldwin.

evan due to the fact that youve become a bc nerd i dont think you have much right to talk

Keep in mind that what one can do on a uni and how much stress one does to a uni are different things.

For example, Kris Holm can do some amazing things on a unicycle, however, others put a lot more stress than he does on a unicycle. That’s because of technique. Kris Holm knows how to land a section and knows how to minimize the stress he puts on a unicycle and himself when doing a trials line. A less experienced rider is going to put more stress on a unicycle, which may result in mechanical failure.

Hey howd I get braught into this… And Evan Im way better than you on a uni…so pff… Ohh Chris on your tittle I think you were level 3 bro, you need to check that, you need to ride with seat out in back and 360 ina 1 meter circle… but as for the seat post…thats the better design, the new one you made me stinks…if you have to do alot of jimmying to it make it more like the old one…as fopr hte rest yall. these things are really string and the brackets no longer bend :wink:

ok well i still dont kno how much for 1

The name “Stiff Stick” is awesome. I would like to know the price, will you paint them, and can I get one in a 250 mm or less.

I think Evan was kidding…but maybe not.