Exceed hub+spirit cranks

Could a ti hub + spirit cranks cause a specific issue?

I have the Exceed hub on my 24". There is nothing unusual about the ISIS crank interface. I can’t imagine why using Spirit cranks would cause a problem. I use Ventures, which have less Q, and they clear the frame, no problem.

There are, however, an additional set of spacers on the inside of the bearings. My 24" Impact frame has 100mm spacing, and the Exceed hub is narrower. I think those special spacers are shipped with the hub.

It doesn’t seem that the narrowness at the flanges translates to a narrower crank placement on the hub. I may be wrong… For example, I use roughly the same thickness in spacers between the bearings and cranks…as I do on my other unicycles.

So the narrowness of the hub doesn’t translate in a reduction in Q for me. It only weakens the wheel somewhat, I assume. I haven’t had any problems. I bought the hub to be a weight weenie.

Edit: I bought the hub new and it came with a pair of crank bolts that deformed under very low torque. Maybe UDC has addressed this issue.