Evolution title sequence

hey guys,

so one of my projects for this term was to create a title sequence. Since i was really swamped with making an infographic (which you can check out on my blog at the end of this month!) i only had time to make a unicycling title sequence.

since evolution is still on standby, i decided to make a title sequence for it, the riding is just me and its not top notch because i go to design school not unicycle school ( i wish!), so dont judge me on the riding!

i hope you enjoy it!


justin kohse

p.s. Evolution is still coming out, im combining it with another dvd that will be done in the next month called “unibriated”, which my roommate is currently in the process of finishing…so!, look for the 2 disc set in a few months.

Hmmm… what can I say… It was interesting… I liked it… I think.

i love vfs

heres the vimeo version, better quality i think.


I love all the contrast and music choice. Not sure how I feel about the mosaic effect tho.

Classy ending.

Job well done, looking pretty professional for sure. How much time you think you put into this?

I really like the idea of the trail of pixels, but I didn’t like how inconsistent the trail was, sometimes it was just on the ground, kind of like a shadow, and other times it was your full body that made the trail.

If you cleaned that it, it would be great. Also I couldn’t read Rob’s last name.

I liked the song too, reminded me of Supreme Beings of Leisure or Mint Royale.

not to much time, im focusing more on an infograpic assignment thats due in a couple days. so i only worked on this for about a week? maybe. Not sure about the hours, but i went through alot of different concepts.

plus im still learning after effects, and masking is one tough cookie.

thanks for the feedback guys, i think after the term ends here ill spend some more time on it and make it alot better. criticism is for sure one of the hardest things to take, but your nothing in the design world if you cant take it on the chin and learn from it!

took me awhile to adopt this into my life style, and its helping me become more open with my work. I hope to share more stuff with you guys in the future too, so keep it comin!

-justin kohse
p.s. try the vimeo version, robs name has an overlay on it so it blends with the concrete a little more, in the HQ its easier to see, so maybe the vimeo version will make it easier.

Nice work, it must be pretty awesome to go to school there.

im moving back to vancover in the summer time would cool to ride with you
and the vanuni club there sometime if ever possible. i read your giving up your KH24 i think you should stick with it. i just got mine a month ago it pretty nice.

well keep up the good work with the videos.

Very cool and professional looking!:slight_smile: