Evolution "status"

Just giving you guys the heads up with evolution…

the video has been finished for a few months now and torker unicycles is taking care of the production stage (having all the copies made ect…)

i havent been able to get ahold of them in quite sometime now. So when i know something you guys will know asap!

in the mean time, heres the teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6f3RIRrgHw

i figure if enough people email them then maybe they’ll get their asses in gear, lol.

later guys - justin

sweet watching the video now, cant wait to see the actual movie…

just wanna bump this so people can see it…:slight_smile:

You posted it just an hour ago haha, isn’t it a bit soon to bump it?

that looks awesome! How much money will it be and where will you be able to buy it?


How many of the unicycles in the video are Torkers? I’m pretty sure that they don’t make a BC wheel.

looks pretty cool:)

no torker does not make bc wheels, but anthony hibbings and i are both sponsored by them.

check out the site www.torkerusa.com

any more questions or comments, feel free to ask:)


p.s. im not sure if torker will be selling it themselves or how much it will in the end…weird eh? :angry:

why is it taking so long to get out??? :thinking:

Trailer looks the closest I’ve seen to one of Dan Heaton’s works. Well done! Good luck with the project.

cooooooooooooooool!:slight_smile: :sunglasses: :smiley:

That looks pretty cool. So is this DVD going to be somewhat like defect? Who are all the riders in it?

all i have to say is that bryan stevens is the man.


Bryan Stevens is the indeed the man, I met him at the trials event in Vermont a few weeks ago and he has a pretty crazy rolling hop, not to mention some of the insane stuff I saw him do with the BC wheel when I ventured off with him and Kaycee for a little bit.

hey guys, change of plans

my roomate is also putting out a dvd called “unibriated”. so im waiting for him to finish that up. then were going to sell them together in one dvd case 2 discs one case! aahh(2 girls one cup, anyone? haha)

so look for that this summer.


anthony hibbing
bryan stevens
justin kohse
rob thomas
kevin mcmullin ( short sections)
brayn corry
jeff groves

not to sure about the riders here but i know:

-jon atwell
-sean goode
-bryan corry
… and ill get more info on that!

Sweet, can’t wait:D