Evolution status

whadup fellow uni-ites

just lettin you guys know that i am working on evolution and i am very close to finishing.

but when the parents say its time to live on your own, then i gotta do it right? so i am back to working on it once again now that everything is set up in the new pad, haha.

more info to come guys


p.s. ill throw up another teaser when i finish it up


Cool! Congratz on living on your own!

It has been a long time in the making…

I liked the first (or second) trailer you did. Doubleflip a 24" was good.

So you reckon it won’t be that long eh?


wht do you mean you are working on evolution?

its his DVD

Could you post the trailer link?

ooh the last bail in that teaser looked painful

Kozy is cool, George is an idiot.


cant wait for the film to be ready

is brian in it

bryan stevens? yeah.

how is the dvd going, justin?
finished yet?