Evolution of Balance - Team Rollercoaster

Team Rollercoaster just set up a blog to document our upcoming expedition to Panama. We’ve had some requests to see our 2008 grant proposal. You can download a PDF version from our new blog.

Once we start updating the blog, we’ll post back here to let everyone know.


Good luck guys. Have fun!

Totally sweet! Thanks for putting up the proposal; it makes me want to go!

I’m following the RSS feed; hopefully you guys will get to update it regularly with that free jungle wifi.



Here’s a (proposed) map of our route.

have a great time guys, I can’t wait to read the write-up in Uni Magazine! :smiley:

Hi, we have made it out of the jungle and have the Pacific ocean in our sights. Just as we left the jungle, and got into cellphone range, we did an interview with Public Radio International’s (PRI) the world show. We will be featured in their geoquiz which should air tonight (15th Jan) so tune in!

The link is live now

The show will then be archived on their website here.

We also have a video teaser on our blog

off to the ocean!!

Wow that looks so cool so far.

Great interview and short video! I’m am so envious! But I’m also so inspired by you guys. I can’t wait to fold my ultrarunning background into my mountain unicycling and do something really cool! I’ve got some plans but life is pretty busy right now trying to finish up my PhD… Keep up all the cool adventures all of you; it keeps me motivated!

I love the video, I was grinning throughout!

As you probably know, we have now completed our proposed ocean to ocean unicycle expedition through the jungles of Panama. What an unbelievable trip! I’m glad to have discovered such an impressive biodiversity in Panama (mostly thanks to Rolandissimo, our friend and super guide of the jungle). The muni riding was really fun for most of the part and challenging all the way due to heat and exhaustion. I had such a good time, I’m itching for another uni trip!

I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Kris Holm and Nathan Hoover, pionners of our young sport, for their generous contribution and for inspiring me a few years back (with such famous muni trips as El Pico de Orizaba in Mexico and into the Kingdom of Bhutan). I hope others too will be inspired to organise and do adventure uni trips. Live your dreams!

Follow this link to the KH 2009 Evolution of Balance Award. Good luck!