Evolution of balance (or maybe not?)

Learning to ride 2010 - 2016. I’ve learned to ride, but I don’t think my balance has improved all that much.

Wow, that’s what I call perseverance !
You like falls, don’t you? At least much more than I do!

Great video.

WOW ! :slight_smile:
You’ve got some stamina ! ( and a good selection of unicycles )
Thanks for sharing your fails, makes you look human now :slight_smile:

P.S. Love the little unidude going down the stairs.

Great video! Who could forget the great mini muni adventure of 2015 :smiley:

This video is the exact opposite of every other video out there.
People edit to show the unnatural perfect rides, jumps, or whatever.

Your video is downplaying your skills. I like your humour.

In a world of edited (bullshit) videos this was perfect.
I would like to see a video of one of your natural rides.
You don’t fall that much without getting better!

Anyways, Thanks for the realism.

Learning to UPD

Thank you for this video!
I find it very instructive regarding as how to UPD in difficult terrain. Also it takes (for me) away some of the scare involved in trying new things like curbs or puddles with unknown contents.

That was definitely one of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen in a while! :smiley:
I can totally relate to all the crashes and bail-outs. (Probably everyone can.)
(Was that Tim riding with you in a couple scenes in the 2013 clip?)

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Really enjoyed that. Thanks UniMyra!

Thanks for the kind comments, I thought this would be way to narrow for anyone to watch. I bought this big 8 TB hard drive, and for the first time I could access all my photos and videos at once, so I got the idea to piece all my falls together.

Thanks. I try not to fall but it’s impossible. Except for 36’er riding were I rarely fall off now. I’ don’t even wear knee protection or helmet anymore.


Yes, the mini muni was fun to make. Mabye I should take a look in the attic, and see if I can find the 12"

Glad you liked it.

Thanks, I didn’t know it was possible to learn anything from it.

Hi Lance, Yes, that’s our friend Tim. Tim actually had the best UPD that day: https://youtu.be/afPfpbeR8JM?list=PLvqXqWkBQYQkEkYm7KcXbVo069_BamuLD&t=104


You are a kind of my idol

This video makes you very sympathetic. I`m still struggling with “På enhjuling del 27”.