Evolution of Balance Award


In 2008 KHU will offer the Evolution of Balance Award.

This grant will be provided annually to a team proposing a difficult, creative, and remote mountain unicycling adventure somewhere in the world.

The award is application-based and will be awarded on April 1 next year. The deadline for application submission is February 29. For more info and to download a grant application form, visit www.krisholm.com/grants.

My hope is that this award will help inspire more riders to undertake muni adventures in cool places. Grant proposals for both regular muni and 36’er muni trips are welcome.

The prize is:
US $1500.00
One free KH unicycle (singlespeed)
One set of KH gloves and pads
Up to three additional KH unicycles at wholesale cost.

Logistics and product shipping is sponsored by the nearest UDC franchise or Bedford Unicycles to the winner. I also want to thank Nathan Hoover for his enthusiastic support and financial contribution towards the 2008 award, and UNI magazine for making space in their next issue for an award announcement.

Please forward this link to anyone you think might be interested!

Kris Holm

Wow, that’s such a cool idea!

Hmm…so many possibilities.

umm ill do tuckermans ravine winter or summer ur choice lol

Me too! :smiley:

This is very cool. Money of course gets everything done, so it’s great to see equipment and cash being set up to advance the sport. I approve!

So in the begining of the application, it says applicants must be at least 18 years old. Then down at the bottom where you have to sign and stuff, there is space for guardian name/signature if you are under 18 years old. Which one is right?

so what do you make a movie?

Wow this is amazing. I’m definatly planning on applying for this. I hope that this is pretty inspirational to other people too to get planning. It can certainly open up alot of doors for people.

I’d like to get in on this with someone. If anyone else out there is interested or already has an idea and wouldn’t mind me joining in on the fun shoot me a PM please!

I would make it a movie contest

It’s none of my business, and I think it is a great gesture by the KH Co. to promote the sport. I am just thinking that if someone like Terry Muniaddict won, or Sean, any of the good film makers, that would be the most fun.

I don’t think I have a chance. I’m a lame rider and I have never made a film.

I guess my point is that sending an excellent rider to a super cool spot might not be that much fun for the rest of us. I like the adventure idea though. Still, sending some great rider to Nepal might not yield footage that would rival Terry going to Wall Mart.

I guess there is a middle ground somehow. Actually Kris, if it were my prize I would award it to you ! You have made the coolest uni adventure films so far IMHO.:slight_smile:

Pm sent.

I was wondering if The Mongolia Unitour would qualify- I think a lot of it is off-road. The other trip I had on my list was a Unitrek up to Everest Base Camp. I’m just a bit nervous about going back to Nepal after breaking my ankle last time.

I think the idea of this is not to have a contest of who can make a better movie or take better pictures, its to help fund people so that they can do something they are already doing and so they can use the funding to help smooth it out and make a better more professional adventure out of it.

I could be wrong but it seems closer to a scholarship for adventure than a prize for a skills contest.

Damn you’ve already got some good ideas, looks like I’m going to have some hard competition for this thing :p.

Ken, I was thinking about Mongolia and Everest B.C. too this morning when I read this thread…If there’s gonna an official Ken Looi tour to Nepal, count me in. I’m already in for Mongolia.

Has anybody ever done a multi-day unsupported muni tour? I know some folks have done unsupported road tours. But in a remote region, carrying tents, sleeping bags and all that gear- wouldn’t that be a bit much on a unicycle? Unless you basecamp it, of course. Any thoughts?

Yes, that’s the point. I think that it’s important to value the parts of our sport that are unstructured and non-competitive, where riders are free to choose their own adventure so to speak. This type of riding forms the soul of an adventure sport, and too often gets lost as sports become bigger and more competitive. Hopefully an award like this will keep pure adventure riding at the forefront of our sport, alongside the more organized meets and competitions.

As such, there is no requirement to wear KH logos or obtain media attention attached to winning this award. It’s a grant, not sponsorship. The only requirement is to put together some kind of writeup with photos that can be submitted to UNI magazine, so others can share in the experience too.

Yeah, I have.

The trick is not to carry all that gear, bivvi out (preferably in waterproof sleeping bags for lower weight), and minimise extra stuff like cooking stuff, food etc.



A very nice idea. The grant should probably go to someone like Aspen Mike.


I just made one minor change to the application form; if anyone has downloaded it, please do so again.



That is an amazing idea and I think it will push a lot of people to do awesome tours now. Thank you Kris for bringing together that grant.
I think there are also some spectacular and never done stuff in good old europe :smiley: