Evolution of a Torker LX

I bought a Torker LX as my first/ learner Unicycle. It has been a faithful companion. It has gone through some changes and updates. Maybe I should’ve bought a little more Uni the first time…

New Odyssey pedals, (plastic ones had to go)
New seat (Old one was getting beat down,and super uncomfortable)
New Alloy seat post, (3 other people leaned to ride on the Old one, it was bent and deformed)
New tire and heavy duty dowhill tube (wore on the original tire, also wanted something bigger for TRAIL riding)
New beefier clamp (Not pictured, It will be here tomorrow, had a screw seize up in the old one)

Now it has become my loaner for buddies that want to check out the trails on a Uni. I also use it for lighter duty riding when I don’t need all my KH 24 has to offer. The Panaracer 2.4 with a heavy duty downhill tube has been about the largest tire I could fit in. I had a Maxxis 2.4 Holy Roller on for a while, it rolled nice but, the Side walls were pretty flexey and folded very easily. The Panaracers is better, but still squirms and folds some, but I only use this for light duty.

Wow that’s an awesome looking tire, looks a lot like the Kenda Kinetics tire. I’m suprised that it fits in the frame…

Lovin’ the KH muni in the background

Where do you get that tire and how strong is that wheel setup?
PS nice looking muni

It’s the factory 48 spoke,single wall wheel. Wouldn’t recommend any big drops, but it ought to hold up for trail riding and 1 foot drops just fine.

Universal Cycles has a PHAT selection of 24 inch tires. I also bought a Maxxis Max Daddy for my sons Torker LX 20 that looks real nice, maybe now he will leave my Nimbus Trials 20 alone.

The Panaracer was dirt cheap compared to a Kenda, and I don’t think a 2.5 Kenda would fit.

Linky Linky…

Actually, the Kenda is a 2.6" - and it fits :).